Handsome Ted Lasso Star Responds To Wild Theory He's Actually CGI

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Ted Lasso Season 2 is rolling strong over on Apple TV+, and rolling just as hard are some of the more popular fan theories about the acclaimed series. With that being said, the most unique major theory about the feel-good comedy that has everyone's attention is not related to the plot in the slightest, but rather the potential chance that actor Brett Goldstein's character Roy Kent is actually a CGI manifestation, as opposed to a genuine human being. And Goldstein inarguably nailed it with his response to the left-field theory.

Yes, apparently there are Ted Lasso fans who only somewhat facetiously think that the appearance of writer and star Brett Goldstein's Roy is too meticulous to be real. This theory has spread around the internet like wildfire as of late, and Goldstein felt like he had to respond to the CGI claims. Fortunately, the actor has a remarkable sense of humor and responded on Instagram in the most hilarious way.

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Human hats off to Brett Goldstein for the best response possible, while taking the odd criticism that he seems like a fake human in stride. Weirdly enough, this whole conversation was re-ignited by a Reddit post that was originally shared 11 months prior, in which the fan questioned whether or not Roy was a CGI character. That post didn't go viral at the time, but there were still a decent amount of comments made in agreement before the topic went wider with weekly Season 2 episodes.

Some fans have commented they think it's because Roy tends to glow when he's on-screen, while others pointed to the sharpness of his beard resembling a soccer player in a FIFA game. Of course, Brett Goldstein is not actually a CGI character made for either TV or video games, so anyone legitimately curious can put that query to sleep mode. He's even spoken to CinemaBlend and totally didn't glow or have an emoji head or experience buffering issues. Goldstein also has appeared in many other projects prior to Ted Lasso, like Doctor Who. Of course, that doesn't make the rumors and theories any less entertaining, and it's even better now that Goldstein has embraced the joke and rolled with it.

Ted Lasso is heading into the the back half of Season 2, and the drama is heating up. Hopefully it's enough to satiate the fans who have been disappointed thus far and feel that the series showed its cards too soon with Rebecca's confession to Ted in Season 1. Some believe the show removed all its tension with that moment, making Season 2 feel a little lackluster in comparison with its start. Of course, there are still many more who are digging the show as much as ever, and are filling the dramatic voids with silly stuff such as theories that Roy Kent is CGI. And now that it's out in the universe, I would love for Season 3 to toy with fans further by bringing the theory into the series itself.

Ted Lasso airs new episodes on Apple TV+ on Fridays. The ride has been great thus far, but unfortunately, it may be over much sooner than we're all ready for it to be.

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