Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer Sets Up Morgan Vs. Strand, And There's A Wrestling Ring

While many TV shows might think of a nuclear disaster as an endgame idea, Fear the Walking Dead said "Hold my radioactive beer," with its bombshell of a Season 6 finale. And it looks like Season 7 will start off by making the aftermath a bit more personal than what city-scale catastrophes allow for, and it'll come in the form of an idealism-related enmity between Lennie James' Morgan Jones and Colman Domingo's Victor Strand, as indicated by the new trailer seen above.

For a while there, everything with Strand seemed to be hunky dory — not one of John Dorie's ancestors, to be sure — but after unexpectedly surviving the nuclear apocalypse set forth by John Glover's now-decimated serial killer Teddy, Strand has a new-ish outlook on life where he's decided to live as his true self, as opposed to the dependable leader others have tried to make him. Which basically means he's morphing back into an untrustworthy villain, but with the caveat that a lot of viewers will probably take the fan-favorite character's side in this debate, simply because Colman Domingo is a boss.

On the flip side is Morgan, who was similarly ready to reach the great beyond in Season 6 with Karen David's Grace. At least until they both heard the sounds of a crying baby, which snapped them back into "survive or nothing" mode. (And somehow didn't draw a billion walkers.) While Morgan doesn't always have his own best interests in mind, he's definitely known for protecting others, so it should be very interesting to see how his efforts clash with Strand's in the new season. And to see whether or not it involves the wrestling/boxing ring that pops up in the trailer.

fear the walking dead season 7 boxing wrestling ring

There are, of course, lots of other mysterious and noteworthy things happening in the trailer in quick fashion beneath the increasingly stressful exchange between Strand and Morgan, which seemingly adds that much more importance to the two characters going into antagonistic mode for Season 7. Just in case anyone think that this is just a trailer conceit, and won't be a driving force behind the upcoming episodes, note that Fear the Walking Dead's newest key art imagery also plays into that particular feud.

Let's talk about a few other highlights from the Season 7 trailer. The shadows out on the outside of the nuclear submarine are reminiscent of the silhouette lovers that pop up in Watchmen. It's unclear if that half-hashtag symbol on the board holding the walkers back is important or not, but I'm betting it is. Morgan and Grace outside one of the CRM helicopters! Whoever this new villainous group is, they apparently take Dwight and Sherry hostage. But are the villains the ones wearing those bloody bandages on their faces, or are those other survivors? And what do they want? WHAT DO THEY WANT?

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 is already set to premiere on AMC on Sunday, October 17, at 9:00 p.m. ET, so be sure to mark that down along with all the other big premieres hitting the 2021 Fall TV schedule soon.

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