Big Brother 23 Spoilers: Who Won The Veto, And Will It Be Used In Week 10?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds as of Sunday, September 12th. Read at your own risk!

The entirety of the Cookout made it to the Final Six of Big Brother Season 23, but now that alliance has been dissolved. One of them will have to leave the game this week, and after Kyland Young's Week 10 Head of Household win, it'll likely be either be Tiffany Mitchell or Hannah Chaddha out the door.

Of course, the veto could save either one of those women if it's used, but is there anyone in the house actually willing to use it on either Tiffany or Hannah? Let's get into who won below and what it means for the nominees as we head into the rest of the week.

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Kyland Young Won The Power Of Veto

Kyland Young has racked up yet another competition win this week, as he secured Big Brother Week 10's Power of Veto. Obviously, this is a huge win for Kyland given the situation, as there isn't really a formalized sub-alliance established amongst The Cookout's members at this stage yet. Everyone is looking to advance their own games, of course, and the only way to ensure someone's wishes are followed with the veto as the Head of Household is to win it themselves.

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Will Kyland Use The Power Of Veto?

Kyland Young has all the power in his hands this week, so really, he doesn't have any big reason to use the Power of Veto. He had no clear plans prior to the competition aiming to backdoor someone, though I'm sure both Hannah Chaddha and Tiffany Mitchell will implore him to consider exactly that. So far, though, he's shown no signs of needing to use it, and it seems more likely than not at this point that nominations will remain the same.

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Can Tiffany And Hannah Convince Kyland To Backdoor Xavier?

Right now, Hannah Chaddha and Tiffany Mitchell's only chance at survival would be through a backdoor nomination of Xavier Prather. If Xavier is put up on the block, It feels like a relatively safe bet that he would leave rather than Hannah, and maybe even Tiffany. Xavier is one of the top competitors in Big Brother Season 23, and if Kyland could get him out of the game, it could make an easy path for him at the end.

Of course, Tiffany and Hannah may not know that Kyland already has a playbook to reach the end. Kyland, Xavier, and Derek Frazier have pulled together for a Final Three deal, as they firmly believe none of them would win against one of the women. The jury is a woman majority, and both Xavier and Kyland have talked about how Tiffany is someone they can't take with them to the end.

The only X-factor here is that Tiffany and Kyland were believed to be close amongst Big Brother's Houseguests. I won't completely rule out the fact that she could convince him to keep her safe by backdooring Xavier, though I do feel it's unlikely. The truth of the matter is Kyland will be in danger of being evicted by everyone in the house since he's ineligible to play for Head of Household following this week, so it may just be smarter to honor the guy's alliance deal with Xavier and Derek and hope everyone stays true to their word. We can only wait and see what Kyland will do, though, when it's time for the Veto Meeting.

Big Brother airs on CBS Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. While waiting, read up on why Claire Rehfuss decided not to hug the rest of the Houseguests following her eviction.

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