After Seth Rogen Mispronounced Ted Lasso Star Hannah Waddingham's Name At The Emmys, She Had An A+ Response

Hannah Waddingham as Rebecca Welton in Ted Lasso.

The 2021 Emmy Awards made for an interesting night on September 19. There were some well-deserved wins as well as some surprising snubs, though some of the best moments were simply when presenters announced the winners to varying degrees of success. When Seth Rogen took the stage to present Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, he made a mistake and with it came an A+ response from winner Hannah Waddingham.

While presenting the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, Seth Rogen mispronounced the name of winner Hannah Waddingham of Ted Lasso. Instead of “Waddingham,” the actor said “Waddington,” and EW reported her fantastic response:

I didn't hear that. It's brand new information. Oh man. I'll have to call him Seth Ragin.

Awards shows rarely go off without some kind of hitch, and Seth Rogen delivered early on by flubbing Hannah Waddingham's name. And it’s so funny that Waddingham didn’t even hesitate when she came up with a new name for Seth Rogen. Now I seriously need the two of them to work together so I can see Hannah Waddington and Seth Ragin together. While this isn’t as iconic as John Travolta’s “Adele Dazeem” mistake when he introduced Idina Menzel a few years back, this is still up there.

The Emmys were not the best this year, at least according to some people. While some TV fans were upset back when the nominations were announced due to their favorites being left out, others had to watch their favorites lose to other nominees during the awards show. In fact, the consensus seems to be that Conan O’Brien was the best part of the show, all because of his lively reactions despite not getting a win. He definitely showed a lot more energy than many of us had while watching this year’s Emmys, but it always seems like award shows just aren’t what they used to be.

Meanwhile, Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso swept the Emmys in the Comedy categories, taking home a total of seven awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series. It’s definitely impressive for a freshman series, but with the success the series has had already, it’s not surprising. Ted Lasso is arguably one of the best series on Apple TV+, and the Emmys are just proof that plenty of people are recognizing that.

Hopefully with the show’s growing success, this will mean that people will learn how to pronounce the stars’ names, including Hannah Waddingham. It’s not too complicated of a name, but I guess I can see how Seth Rogen accidentally got it wrong. It’s only fair if Waddingham does the same thing to Rogen if she ever presents an award to him. Maybe at next year’s Emmys?

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