Hawaii 5-0's Masi Oka Was All-In On Joining Star Wars: Visions, With One Condition

Masi Oka as Dr. Max Bergman in Hawaii 5-0

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While Masi Oka is best known in recent years for playing Dr. Max Bergman in the CBS series Hawaii 5-0, he’s certainly no stranger to the sci-fi landscape, having played the time-manipulating Hiro Nakamura in Heroes and Heroes Reborn. Now Oka has lent his acting talents to one of the biggest sci-fi franchises ever, as he’s among the many voices that can be heard in the English dub of the Star Wars: Visions short “The Ninth Jedi.” While the actor was absolutely keen on taking part in one of the Disney+ anthology series’ shorts, he did have one condition for joining: it couldn’t prevent him from appearing in another Star Wars project down the line.

I learned this while recently speaking with Masi Oka about his time on Star Wars: Visions. In response to being asked whether he would want to appear as a different character in a Star Wars movie or live-action TV series, or if Visions was enough to scratch that Star Wars itch for him, Oka responded:

As much as Star Wars: Visions was an amazing project to be a part of, I would definitely love [to do more]. And that was actually one thing I asked. When the offer came in for Star Wars: Visions, [I said], ‘Oh my God, I would love to do this, but I want to make sure that this doesn’t put me in a certain canon that I can’t be in a live-action [project].’ And the casting person said it’ll be fine, so I’m still available for live-action stuff, which is great.

For those unfamiliar with Masi Oka’s background, he actually already had a direct tie to the Star Wars franchise before Star Wars: Visions came along, in a behind-the-scenes capacity. He worked as a digital artist on the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy during his time at Industrial Light & Magic, the visual effects company George Lucas founded. Years later, Visions gave Oka the opportunity to voice a Star Wars character, but he’s also been assured that if a separate live-action role for a story set in a galaxy far, far away, the possibility of him being considered for said role is still on the table, as opposed to being ruled out.

For those who haven’t watched “The Ninth Jedi,” Masi Oka voices Ethan, who’s part of a ragtag group of warriors who claimed to be Jedi and are seeking lightsabers. The English dub’s voice cast also includes Shang-Chi star Simu Liu, Kimiko Glenn, Andrew Kishino, Greg Chun, Michael Sinterniklaas and Neil Kaplan. It’s one of the nine Star Wars: Visions shorts that are now available to watch on Disney+, so doublecheck that you’re subscribed to the Mouse House’s streaming service.

Masi Oka can next be seen starring alongside Brad Pitt in Sony Pictures’ Bullet Train, which comes out on April 8, 2022. As always, look through our upcoming Star Wars movies and TV shows guide to stay up to date on what this franchise has in store.

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