Why Clare Crawley And Dale Moss' Latest Break-Up Sounds Permanent

The Bachelorette Clare Crawley touches her face while talking

As things continue to get serious on the beaches of Bachelor in Paradise, one engagement from The Bachelorette has come to an end. Season 16 Bachelorette Clare Crawley has reportedly ended her relationship with Dale Moss — again. But while the couple has broken up before and been fairly open about putting work into their relationship, it sounds like Crawley and Moss might be done for good this time.

A source confirmed the breakup to Us Weekly. Said person alleged that Clare Crawley and Dale Moss were doing what was “best for them":

They have different visions and wedding planning wasn’t happening which made Clare really upset. She wants to be in Sacramento to be close to her family, especially her mom who isn’t well. Dale wants to remain in NY. They will still support each other and have love for each other no matter what.

The Season 16 Bachelorette and the former football player briefly split up in January, and rumors swirled about whether Dale Moss had cheated on Clare Crawley. However, only a few weeks later, the couple was spotted hanging out again. They reunited and got re-engaged, even as they were reportedly still working through the issues that caused them to break up in the first place. If one of those issues is that Moss doesn’t want to leave New York, that’s a big hurdle to overcome, as Crawley likely wouldn’t be willing to leave her mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s and is in a care facility in California.

The two appeared happy on social media throughout the summer, and Dale Moss stuck by his fiancée as she suffered from Breast Implant Illness and ultimately had surgery to remove her implants. Earlier this month, Moss had only positive things to say about Crawley and the strength she displayed amid her health battles:

I love Clare for Clare. It is what it is. And anything she chooses, and especially with her health, this was something that she knew in her heart was the right thing to do. Like I’m there through hell or high water.

Clare Crawley fell in love at first sight on The Bachelorette. After Dale Moss exited the limo, Crawley told producers she felt like she had just met her husband. The two had known each other less than two weeks when Crawley decided her journey on the show was over. She and Moss got engaged, and Tayshia Adams was brought in as the new Bachelorette for Crawley’s cast-offs.

The attraction between Moss and Crawley is undeniable, and it seems like they really tried to make it work. But there are clearly issues at play that the couple can’t get past and, whether that’s fidelity or the health of Crawley’s mom or something unknown to the public, this time the break-up really sounds permanent.

Season 18 of The Bachelorette premieres Tuesday, October 19, featuring Michelle Young’s quest for love and, while ABC hasn’t made any official announcement, the Bachelor for Season 26 has been identified by many media outlets as one of her suitors. In the meantime, the drama on Bachelor in Paradise is hitting a fever pitch with just a couple of episodes remaining in Season 7. Who will leave the beach engaged, and who will endure the heartbreak of summer romance? Paradise airs at 8 p.m. ET Tuesdays on ABC. Check out for 2021 Fall TV Schedule to keep up with all of your favorite shows.

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