90 Day Fiancé Reveals Next Spinoff That Sounds Like It'll Be 100% Focused On Big Drama

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Throughout much of TLC’s ever-expanding 90 Day Fiancé universe, drama is life, and life is drama. That’s how the cast members tend to make the biggest impact among fans and on social media, even if successful relationships are their true goals. Now, the latest spinoff has been revealed, with the promise of several familiar (and familiarly troubled) couples returning to the fold to explore their intrapersonal drama head-on. Get ready, peeps, because 90 Day: The Last Resort will lead us from the dog days of summer into the writers strike-affected fall season.

With a more honed-in scope than the flagship series, 90 Day: The Last Resort will focus on five different franchise couples who are at a major crossroads, where one route leads straight to a break-up or divorce. As the show’s title implies, these couples will head down the opposite path for one final attempt to piece their relationships together in ways that are better built for surviving into the future, with the help of group therapies, highly emotional couple sessions, and “unique on-and-off-resort activities,” to quote TLC’s description, which also mentions — you guessed it — past life regressions.  

Because in order to move forward, one has to dig back into all the ugliness that caused problems in the first place (including past lives), and it basically sounds like this show could have been called 90 Day: Air All Y’All’s Drama Out, Whether Or Not We’ve Seen It Before. But hey, as long as the end goal is to heal all the couples’ respective wounds and send everyone back out as healthier partnerships, bring it on. 

Check out the teaser trailer for the new show, which promises to dig into everyone’s issues with “trust, sex, jealousy, anger, and intimacy.” 

Perhaps this speaks to where the show is at in the filming process, or perhaps it’s a way to avoid having its stars get hammered for information on social media, but it almost seems strange for TLC to balk on cluing viewers in on which couples will be showcased in the new series. Will there be any couples from the fourth season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, or will the five pairs be culled from seasons and spinoffs from further back in the show’s past? 

Maybe this has something to do with alum Natalie Mordovtseva giving it one more go with her ex Mike Youngquist, or [fill in the blank with your favorite problem-facing couple]. I guess we’ll just have to enjoy speculating until we get more info from TLC.

Everyone can get in on the sandy-footed drama when 90 Day: The Last Resort premieres on TLC on Monday, August 14, at 9:00 p.m. ET. Until then, look no further than a Max subscription to relive all you can handle from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, although you’ll have to go elsewhere to see what Jasmine Pineda’s up to on OnlyFans.

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