90 Day Fiancé: Why Stephanie Matto's Mother Worries About Her Getting Pregnant

Stephanie Matto on 90 Day: The Single Life
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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the 90 Day Diaries episode “Just Keep Swimming.” Read at your own risk!

Stephanie Matto made a surprise appearance on the latest installment of 90 Day Diaries, and while there was the usual talk of her far jars and other entrepreneurial ventures, things got serious when the 90 Day Fiancé veteran thought she was pregnant. The whole affair turned out to be a false alarm (similar to when she thought she had a heart attack), but viewers learned why Stephanie’s mother Magda worries about her daughter getting pregnant. 

Magda wasn’t too thrilled to hear Stephanie had a pregnancy scare and looked uncomfortable when Stephanie told her that her boyfriend, known only as “Frenchie” to fans, was open to the idea of them having a baby. Magda didn’t want Stephanie just jumping into trying to get pregnant, and cited the star’s aplastic anemia disorder as a big reason why she worries about Stephanie having a baby. She said:

You realize that if you get pregnant, there’s a huge chance that you can relapse? Can you imagine your disease coming back and you have a child? I just can’t even imagine…you have to discuss it with a team of doctors in front of you. You have to really be cautious.

As mentioned in previous 90 Day Fiancé appearances, Stephanie lives with a condition known as aplastic anemia. John Hopkins Medicine describes it as an illness in which one’s bone marrow does not produce enough white and red blood cells, which leads to various symptoms including a decrease in blood clotting and increased susceptibility to infection. Stephanie is currently in remission from aplastic anemia, but Magda feared a pregnancy could make her sick again. 

Stephanie did defend her position a bit about having children and mentioned cases where women with aplastic anemia went on to have successful pregnancies. At the same time, Stephanie acknowledged that her mother had a point and was speaking from a place of experience when she mentioned the difficulties of battling her illness, let alone with a child in the mix:

My mom was by my side the entire time I was sick with aplastic anemia and she’s 1000% in the right. And like, it just made me realize that I need to really reconsider other options before I go ahead and jump right into wanting to have kids on my own.

Stephanie Matto didn’t say she’ll stop pursuing the idea of wanting to have children completely, but this pregnancy scare might encourage her to be a bit more cautious in the future. It’s understandable considering a pregnancy, expected or unexpected, could impact her health, and her ability to fill orders for her clients in a timely fashion. 

Stephanie is ultimately deciding to hold off on getting pregnant, which is a departure from other 90 Day Fiancé cast members like Emily Bieberly and Kara Bass getting pregnant, and seems like a smart decision. It will be interesting to see if her romance with Frenchie continues, and maybe we’ll see them on a future season of 90 Day Fiancé.

90 Day Diaries airs on TLC on Mondays at 9:00 p.m. ET. The rest of the week is pretty light on new 90 Day Fiancé content, so now might be a good time to check out what new shows are premiering in the coming weeks, and set those DVRs to be ready for new premieres. 

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