90 Day Fiancé's Cynthia Decker Breaks Silence After Police Reports Reveal She Was Present For Molly Hopkins And Kelly Brown's Choke-Slam Incident

The story between 90 Day Fiancé's Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown has gotten more complex, as it turns out her ex-best friend Cynthia Decker was also present when Brown allegedly choke-slammed Hopkins' adult daughter Olivia. Seeing this news, and now that her name is out there, Decker broke her silence on the situation and is hoping she's left out of any further drama. 

Olivia Hopkins, who filed the police report surrounding the alleged incident on February 2, noted that Cynthia Decker was present at her shared business with Molly Hopkins when Kelly Brown entered and choke-slammed Olivia against a wall. Decker was seemingly unaware she was mentioned in the police report until recently. The incident allegedly occurred around Thanksgiving last year, and Decker announced in early December that she and Molly Hopkins were no longer friends or in business together. Decker gave a statement to InTouch, who reached out to after seeing her name mentioned:

I am deeply mortified and want my name to be removed from the report. I will be telling investigators all of this as I do not want to be listed anywhere on this! I have tried to remain quiet and let this play out, but now they are involving me, and I am not going to sit back as my name gets misconstrued.

Cynthia Decker apparently doesn't want any part of the investigation into the incident involving Kelly Brown. One important detail from the police report is that Olivia Hopkins was asked by officers to provide security footage from inside the store, but she was unable to do that as Decker was the only one who had access.

Days before giving this quote, Cynthia Decker posted a cryptic message on her Instagram account seemingly referencing her loss of business and friendship with Molly Hopkins. Read what Decker had to say, and how about the "truth always has a way of surfacing.": 

It's unclear if the message about honesty is directed in any way toward this ongoing situation between all of these 90 Day Fiancé stars. All that's been reported so far is the whole alleged situation stemmed from Kelly Brown being upset at Molly Hopkins' daughter Olivia for a previous argument they had about her sneaking her boyfriend into her mother's home. InTouch also reported it saw a message exchange between Brown and one of Molly Hopkins' friends, in which he allegedly admitted to the violent act. 

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This is not the first instance of violence involving Molly Hopkins, as CinemaBlend previously reported she had police remove Olivia Hopkins from her house prior to this. The mother and daughter have seemingly reconciled since, and they are now speaking out about Kelly Brown after the breakup. Brown stated that he has not been in contact with either Molly or Olivia Hopkins since the breakup.

As for whether or not any of this will be on a future season of 90 Day Fiancé, that is up in the air. Molly Hopkins has been a part of the franchise for a long time, though TLC seems to cut ties with cast members who have potential legal problems or controversy of this magnitude. Paul and Karine Staehle haven't been on the show since their various claims of abuse against each other, nor has Deaven Clegg and Jihoon Lee following their split and custody battle in court. We will just have to wait and see what the future holds for Hopkins and if she'll be featured again.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way is currently airing on TLC on Sundays at 8:00 p.m. ET. This season's new cast is certainly worth tuning in for, especially for those looking for drama that's not as heavy as the things we've read in headlines over the past few days.

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