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The Flash Is Definitely Bringing Back This Fan Favorite Villain

The Flash Season 1 had a number of great villains causing mischief and mayhem throughout Central City, but which will be back to stir up even more trouble in Season 2? We asked that question during the press roundtables at Comic-Con and executive producer Andrew Kreisberg offered up one very specific answer. Grodd will be back.

Kreisberg didn’t hesitate to drop the great gorilla’s name when speaking of returning villains…

Grodd is definitely coming back, for sure.


That’s the only returning villain mentioned, but let’s face it, it’s a good one!

Grodd was introduced in Season 1 as a gorilla that was experimented on at S.T.A.R. Labs. He was abused at the facility, and filled full of drugs, which activated in his system when the particle accelerator exploded. In addition to having super-strength, the gorilla also has the gift of telepathy. He can use people like puppets, which is how he was able to possess Wade Eiling.

Beyond the mayhem he caused in Season 1, Grodd seemed to demonstrate a bit of a soft spot for Caitlin, who was always kind to him when he was being held at S.T.A.R. labs as an experiment.

What will Grodd be up to when he comes back? We can only speculate. But he was a great character in the first season, so fans are likely eager to see the gorilla’s return.

Andrew Kreisberg didn’t drop any other specific names of villains who might return in Season 2, however he did talk a bit about the Rogues, and why they choose the characters they do for the series. As he puts it, it’s less to do with working specific characters in for the sake of it as it is about finding the necessary characters to suit the story and the series’ characters…

There’s definitely going to be more Rogues. We don’t sit around and say ‘How many characters can we dump into this?’. It’s like, ‘what can we do for the characters that we have, and when we bring somebody on, it’s not just to bring a character on, it’s to ‘How is that character coming in going to affect and change and help our characters grow.

It’s a good approach in terms of making sure the focus of each episode isn’t entirely on DC cameos, as much as it is on how the featured characters serve the story and the arcs being developed in the series.

The Flash returns for Season 2 on Tuesday, October 6. Find out what Grant Gustin said about the new power Barry’s working on here.