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Former Heartthrob Chad Michael Murray Is Getting More Work

It won’t be long before Scream Queens is upon us and poking us with its devil horns, but that doesn’t mean that Ryan Murphy & Co. have finished putting together the show’s lengthy list of victims. The latest actor to join the cast is Chad Michael Murray, arguably best known for making females swoon with fluttering hearts in their eyes during his years on One Tree Hill. Something tells me he’ll be playing someone a little less likeable this time around.

In Scream Queens, Glen Powell plays the alpha male Chad Radwell, who is the apex of douche-ocity and presumes that everyone else views him as highly as he views himself. Enter Chad Michael Murray, will who take on the role of Chad’s older brother Brad Radwell, whom EW reports will be a talent agent at Endeavor. I’m not aware of all of Endeavor’s employees, but it sounds fitting that someone named Brad Radwell would work there. As well as Ben Bentley and Chuck Charleston.

Chad and Brad aren’t the only brothers in the Radwell family, either. Recently, famed offspring Patrick Schwarzenegger was cast for a guest spot as the youngest brother Thad Radwell. If you can’t tell, Scream Queens has just as much of a snarky sense of humor as it does an insatiable bloodlust. Rhyming names of fratty dipshits isn’t as snarky as it gets, but you can be sure that the rest of the show takes all prisoners where social commentary is concerned.

Having starred on Gilmore Girls and Dawson’s Creek before making his way to Tree Hill, North Carolina, Murray was quite the heartthrob through most of the early 2000s, also taking on roles in movies like Freaky Friday and House of Wax. In the past few years, he could be seen in features like Fruitvale Station and Left Behind, and in shows such as Crackle’s Chosen and History’s miniseries Texas Rising. To compliment his horror comedy role in Scream Queens, he’ll also be taking on a regular role in Marvel’s Agent Carter for Season 2.

Scream Queens stars Emma Roberts as the vapid president of the sorority Kappa Kappa Tau, and it centers on her and a squad of other characters of all shapes and sizes dealing with a murderer that may or may not have something to do with a murder mystery that took place at the college decades earlier. It also might have something to do with the Dean, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, who will reenact an iconic horror movie scene during the season.

It’s not clear when Murray will enter the world of Wallace University and its rude-as-shit student body, but we know that Scream Queens will premiere on Fox on Tuesday, September 22.

Nick Venable
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