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Are D.J. And Steve Getting Back Together On Fuller House?

When it comes to family-oriented sitcoms, kids with crushes can bring some of the most entertaining plots, so it can be kind of a bummer if shows decide to end with reality checks about first loves generally not lasting forever. The Wonder Years ended with Kevin and Winnie apart, but the more recent Girl Meets World showed that iconic Boy Meets World lovebirds Corey and Topanga held onto their happily-ever-after. Now, Fuller House star Candace Cameron Bure teased that D.J. and Steve may be getting another chance at a happy ending to their Full House romance.

Steve makes a few appearances on the show. I’m sure they talk about old love, and listen, D.J. is widowed and it’s been a while since her husband passed away. She’s thinking about dating.

Candace Cameron-Bure's tantalizing tease to Entertainment Weekly about the possibility of a revisit to the D.J./Steve romance should be a relief to fans who have been wondering if D.J. would be too freshly widowed to even consider rekindling any flames. After all, Steve appearing could be for the sake of nostalgia and a few laughs rather than another go at one of the most memorable romances of Full House.

Of course, D.J. thinking about dating doesn’t exactly mean that she’ll be hitting the dating pool right away. From the sound of things, D.J. will have plenty on her plate to deal with without bringing romance into the mix. It may have been a while for D.J. since her husband passed away, but she does still have a baby and two older kids to look after. Although sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy will fill out the Full House caretaker trifecta, it’s possible that D.J.'s two helpers might be hindrances as much as helpers.

In fact, the reappearance of Steve is one of the few things that does seem to be a major departure of Fuller House from Full House. The premises are awfully similar, as the original show saw widower Danny joined in his household by musician brother-in-law Jesse and goofy best friend Joey to help raise his daughters. The new show will see the widowed D.J. joined in her household by musician-in-training sister Stephanie and goofy best friend Kimmy to help raise her kids. D.J. having a genuine love interest early on will definitely be different from Danny in the early days of the original.

That said, Fuller House doesn’t quite have the same amount of wiggle room as Full House. The new show is currently only set to run for 13 episodes on Netflix, so it’s understandable if a love-life plot for the protagonist is fast-forwarded a bit. Steve as a familiar and very lovable face is the perfect candidate to bring romance back to D.J., and the wait for the release of Fuller House now feels just a bit longer.

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