The Olsen Twins Could Still Appear On Fuller House

While nearly every major cast member from Full House is going to be back for the revival in one way or another, the Olsen twins have pretty much stated they will not be returning for the new Netflix series. But wait, not so fast. It looks like Michelle may not be missing from Fuller House, after all. Reports this week indicate that one or both of the Olsen twins could make an appearance on the series, after all.

Speaking at the TCA event on Tuesday morning, Netflix President Ted Sarandos teased that the Olsen twins may not be officially out, after all.

The Olsen twins are teetering whether or not they’ll be around.

While that’s not a firm yes that they will eventually show up on the Netflix comedy, it’s not the firm no we were given before, either. Back in May, Executive Producer Robert L Boyett literally stated that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen would not be a part of the series, noting they were supportive of Fuller House but have transitioned into more fashion-oriented careers. Because Michelle is such a key part of the early nineties sitcom, instead of cutting the character out completely, Fuller House has stated that Michelle will still be “a presence” in the Tanner family.

I assumed a presence was going to be some throwaway line about how Michelle was off being a world traveler or dating a French banker or something. (In real life, Mary-Kate is dating French banker Olivier Sarkozy). Now, it looks like the two twins are still waffling about popping in during one or more of the 13 episodes that are being produced for Netflix. Or maybe Ted Sarandos is blowing smoke. Either way, I’m interested.

We already know a ton of people are going to be back for Fuller House. Actor John Stamos led the charge, and Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber will star in the new series. Steve Hale, Dave Coulier and Lori Loughlin, among others, will all be reappearing. The Tanner family is back, and they are happy to shoehorn in as many guest appearances as possible to keep the nostalgia factor on high. (Although there will be some new characters, too.)

Fuller House doesn’t have an official premiere date, yet, but we can expect to see the show on the schedule in 2016. In the meantime, here’s what else Netflix has coming up.

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