Rachael Harris appeared in the finale as Angela's supportive sister and the two showed off their secret language - an obvious indication that they've probably never been nearly as likable to outsiders as they are to each other. But there was a moment later on when Angela was berating Phyllis for letting Mose kidnap her that Rachael gave her sister a look and Angela promptly apologized to Phyllis. Knowing Angela as we do, that moment tells me Rachael is probably the only person on the planet who truly gets Angela and can affect her on an emotional level with just a look. I love that. Kinsey and Harris make an adorable pairing. But we knew that already.

We've been waiting to see if Steve Carell would show up for the finale. There'd been rumors, but no official confirmation. As hopeful as I was that we'd see Michael Scott in the episode, I actually forgot to keep an eye out for him, so I'll admit, I was completely surprised when I saw him standing there when Jim revealed to Dwight that he couldn't be his best man anymore. Michael's arrival was perfectly timed. It didn't steal the show, but it enhanced it wonderfully as he took over Best Man duties and completed the picture. Jim really did go above and beyond with his good pranks.

At the actual wedding, guests arrived with cats for Angela, Phyllis carried Angela down the aisle on her back and everyone sat on bails of hay while Angela and Dwight stood in their own graves as they were married. Dwight once said that was a Schrute family tradition. "Makes funerals very romantic," he once told the camera. "But the weddings are a bleak affair." Dwight and Angela's wedding was anything but bleak. There were hooks to carry the hay bails, and later there was dancing, including Dwight swinging Angela around as though she were a doll.

"I feel like all my kids grew up, and then they married each other. It's every parents dream!"

Toby sobbed on Pam's shoulder at one point during the reception, and at another, Pam learned that Michael now has two phones to hold all of the photos of his kids. Things with Holly have apparently been going really well in Colorado. It sounds like Michael's living the dream… with a family plan.

And Michael isn't the only one with kids. Ryan has a baby. He showed up with the most adorable little baby named Drake. Drake has a strawberry allergy, which Ryan exploited by making his baby ill so that he could hand him off to Kelly's boyfriend (husband?) and then whisk Kelly away to parts unknown. Yes, Ryan abandoned his son to run off with Kelly. Lord only knows where they're going to end up. As for the baby, Nellie took him. She's been in the market for a child for some time now, so this was just perfect timing. She'll presumably take him with her back to Poland, and that's ok. Ryan's the kind of guy who would purposely give his baby an allergic reaction just to get Kelly alone. He has no business raising a baby. Drake is better off with Nellie.

After the wedding, Jim and Pam returned home to find Carol there showing their house to a couple. Carol, as you may recall, is Michael's ex-girlfriend and former realtor (played by Nancy Carell, Steve's real-life wife). It was then that Pam revealed that she's trying to sell the house so that they can move to Austin and he can return to the sports business. As she put it, Jim bought the house without telling her and now she's selling it without telling him. The couple standing nearby decided to buy the house on the spot, which allowed Jim to quit his job later at the office. Only Dwight wouldn't let him quit. He fired them both so they could get severance and encouraged them to come back to Scranton and visit sometime, offering them his barn, of course.

"I wish there was some way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them."

The series ended with the old Dunder Mifflin crew reuniting in the office one last time. Like any work place, nothing stays the same forever. The work changes. People come and go. But there are memories made. Anyone who's ever worked at a job they didn't love can still likely think of things about that job that they enjoyed, and a lot of that comes down to the people. Jim is a prime example of that. As he put it, "Everything I have, I owe to this job. This stupid, wonderful, boring, amazing job." Jim never loved the work he did. He was never particularly proud to sell paper. But so much about what's great about his life is centered around the time he spent working at Dunder Mifflin. I love that he recognized that, especially as he's about to move on to pursue his dreams, his family in tow.

As finales go, The Office's conclusion hit the mark. On a personal note, I've loved this show since the beginning. Even in that awkward first season, where the series was a bit too close to the original and hadn't quite found its own identity. Maybe part of that stems from my own stint working office jobs and knowing that the humor is often found in the strangest moments if you're willing to notice them and appreciate them. The Office was always really great at capturing that humor. And it always left me smiling and satisfied.

That's what she said.

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