A-Rod Pokes Fun At Himself Over Current Relationship Status Following Breakup With JLo

It seems from the outside that Alex Rodriguez is doing the most to be totally cool after his breakup with Jennifer Lopez. And by cool, we mean partying yachts away from JLo and her new/old beau, Ben Affleck, or casually asking her friends whether his party invite got lost in the mail. Despite his Johnny Bravo coolness, though, A-Rod still has the grace to poke fun at his own current relationship status of late and how it got to be that way.

While JLo’s occupied making Bennifer a thing again, to much fanfare across the board, Alex Rodriguez is back to the old grindstone – i.e. being a commentator on Fox Sports. I could be wrong here, but I guess they all talk about baseball and stuff…Yet what actually piques my interest is that his colleagues decided to troll him over his love life. An old fan-cam clip of A-Rod and his other ex-girlfriend, Cameron Diaz, during a game was unearthed and, in the segment, the former ball player jokingly concedes that the video is perhaps evidence why he's now single. Check it out here in this clip from the network's baseball-centric Twitter account:

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If we’re reading between the lines here, perhaps A-Rod is saying he's single because he is and will always be too engrossed with his love for baseball? I mean, clearly, the man couldn’t take his eyes off a game for even a second to focus on Cameron Diaz hand-feeding him! (The blasphemy.) Then again, it could simply just be the way that he munches on the snack that keeps him single.

But if it is the former, then it actually goes back to A-Rod’s former relationship with JLo. It was speculated at one point that their romance was in trouble because the two couldn't find time together in their busy work schedules. (He was handling his sports-related obligations, and JLo was in fact filming Shotgun Wedding in the Dominican Republic for most of this year, prior to their split.) However, other reports suggest that the cheating insinuations made at the Southern Charm reunion special (of all places) impacted the trust between the two, prompting them to call off their two-year engagement.

Nevertheless, in their joint breakup statement released in April, the two only maintained that they would be “better as friends.” More recently, A-Rod continued the high road route when asked about his breakup, saying that he is doing a “good job at learning” from his lessons and “everything happens for a reason.”

In the meantime, though he is supposedly very much single, he ex has been creating quite a stir with her new romance. Her relationship with Ben Affleck, who she was also previously engaged to in 2003, is going strong once again. They made it red carpet official and were kissing at the Met Gala. In addition, Affleck apparently even took time away from his latest film set to see his partner perform at Global Citizen Live a few weeks ago.

The single life is certainly a tough road, especially if your bar was previously set at Jennifer Lopez. But it probably can't get much harder to be single and also see your ex back with their ex. At least A-Rod seems to be handling it with humor.

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