Aaron Carter Speaks Out After He And Fiancé Breakup A Week Following The Birth Of Their Child

Over the past few years, pop star Aaron Carter has experienced his fair share of personal issues. The singer and former teen idol has had a few run-ins with the law and has faced a few health challenges. He’s also been noted for having an uneasy relationship with his family, particularly his siblings like Nick Carter. Carter did, however, seem to find a bit of happiness as of late with fiancé Melanie Martin, as the couple welcomed their first child only a week ago. Now, the two are apparently splitting, and Carter has spoken out on the situation. 

The 33-year-old singer took to Twitter to break the news to his social media followers. According to him, the breakup is the result of Melaine Martin having apparently been in contact with the entertainer’s estranged twin sister, Angel Carter, without his knowledge. And apparently, the two women had been in touch for quite some time: 

Due to personal reason[s] Melanie Martin and I have decided to go our separate ways. There has been a very big lie and my sister communicating w my ex fiancé ruined everything considering she knew what angel tried to do to me in court thanks angel you ruined my family. God bless

Aaron Carter went on to discuss the situation further in a series of subsequent tweets. In one, he called out his family as being “deceiving.” He also chastised his ex for apparently being in touch with them: 

I have the most conniving deceiving family and Melanie has been lying to me the whole time communicating with my twin sister and the family members who tried to put me in prison and who tried to get a conservatorship on me in court. I’m in shocked this is horrible

The singer continued to discuss the situation with commentators, who shared varying thoughts on his situation. In one instance, he referred to his ex’s actions as unforgivable and in another “thanked” his sister for “ruining” his life. All in all, he is not mincing words here and even mentioned that his family sought to put him under a conservatorship not unlike fellow pop star Britney Spears.

Aaron Carter announced the birth of their son, Prince Lyric Carter, via Instagram last week. In his post, he explained that Melanie Martin was in labor for 13 hours and had to undergo an emergency c-section, though mother and child were doing well. Now, according to the musician, he’ll apparently be separated from his child as, in another tweet, he claimed that Martin is planning to take their newborn son and move from Florida to Las Vegas:

She told me she’s leaving to Vegas with her friend Carmen from 90 day fiancé … seems she’s had a back up plan this whole time oh and said I’ll never see my son again

Based on Aaron Carter’s posts, it would seem that the “Leave It Up To Me” singer may pursue custody of his son. As of right now, neither his ex nor his sister have commented on the matter publicly. There are absolutely a number of unknowns when it comes to this situation, so we can only speculate on specific elements. But one thing that seems clear, judging by this instance, is that Carter may indeed continue to speak out and give his account of events.

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