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After Below Deck: Sailing Yacht's Cast Got Tipsy To Start Season 3, Star Shares How Much Of A 'Lightweight' Tom Pearson Is

Below Deck cast photos of Gabriela Barragan and Tom Pearson
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Below Deck: Sailing Yacht is back with even more drama – even if we’re still technically reeling from Dani Soares' explosive revelations from last year's reunion. The new cast of deckhands and stewardesses got particularly tipsy-smitsy to kickstart Season 3. So much so that Tom Pearson had a bit of an upset (both figuratively and literally) in the bathroom he shares with Captain Glenn Shepherd. If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, one of his co-stars has recently shared just how much of a “lightweight” the Bravo newbie actually is. All in good fun, though!

Like the rest of the crew, Gabriela Barragan was a first-hand witness to Tom Pearson’s drunken walk of shame. He got some ribbing at the time and is getting some more now. The second stewardess revealed to Showbiz Cheat Sheet that a similar incident happened with her castmate months later, making her think that Pearson really can’t hold his alcohol after all. She said,

The last time I saw him was in Palma like six months after we filmed. Him and I went out and he got toasted again. I just think he’s a lightweight. So, I just made sure that he paid his tab. Or I might have paid it for him and just put him in a cab and told him to go back to the boat. And I learned that Tom talks a big game. But he is absolutely a lightweight.

However, the Below Deck: Sailing Yacht freshman still has some sympathy for her frequently White Boy Wasted co-star. In defense of that crew night out at the start of Season 3, she believes Tom Pearson just had a “bit of nerves” from hanging out with new co-workers. Totally understandable.

But she added that when one is sharing a cabin with the captain of the yacht, it’s best to “pump the brakes.” Yet, the Bravo star admitted to making a “sassy” remark about Tom Pearson at the time, saying something along the lines that he was a “big boy” and no one made him drink so much. This evidently didn’t please Captain Glenn all too much, who Gabriela Barragan said gave them all a stern talking-to about looking out for each other. She recalled:

I was like, Oh, shoot, I have foot in mouth disease. It was so embarrassing but he’s absolutely right. And Tom is 10 years younger than me and I should have been looking out for him because I can drink like a dude, right? I drink people under the table. So I wasn’t worried about Tom. I learned my lesson. Poor kid.

It would seem from the latest episode, though, that even if Tom Pearson is a lightweight in the alcohol department, he’s at least a middle-weight champion so far in stirring up drama. The 24-year-old apparently took issue with his co-star, Ashley Marti, catching feelings for Gary King instead of him. (As if King’s supposed romantic entanglements weren’t already complicated enough.) Hopefully, Pearson proceeds with caution on that front. As we learned from last season, Below Deck hookups can result in scandal and babies needing paternity tests.

But if the bar is set at vomiting in front of their boss on Night 1, then it’s probably all going downhill from here. Check out new episodes of Below Deck: Sailing Yacht when they premiere on Mondays on Bravo at 9 p.m. EST, as well as the franchise’s new spinoff (and hot new captain) coming to Peacock in mid-March! It's one of many new shows headed your way in 2022.

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