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After Bob Saget's Death, Mayim Bialik Reveals Adorable Way Full House Is Honored On Call Me Kat's Set

Celebrity deaths tend to always inspire mass outpourings of affection and adoration, and the untimely recent passing of TV star and comedian Bob Saget is certainly no exception, with friends and fans everywhere grieving the loss of a genuinely sweet and caring (not to mention darkly hilarious) guy. From his cameo in Half-Baked to his years hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos to his raunchy stand-up sets, Saget always delivered as a performer, but it’s inarguably Full House that his fanbase will remember him for the most. And that base definitely includes fellow sitcom veteran Mayim Bialik and the Call Me Kat crew. 

In the aftermath of Bob Saget’s death, and a day after Call Me Kat Season 2 premiered, Mayim Bialik took to Instagram to share the amusing way the Full House family is honored behind the scenes of the Fox comedy.

That particular promotional shot is truly a perfect slice of ‘80s sitcom heaven for a TV show’s hair room. Everybody’s locks are professionally tousled as if they’d all went to sleep immediately after washing their hair. Well, except for Michelle, who’s rocking pigtails. And Jesse, whose hair was probably part of a contractual obligation stating it could only be a certain amount of messy, but never too messy. That, or John Stamos’ hair just isn’t capable of failing. 

The only person who could likely ever do Danny Tanner and his frazzled moptop justice, Bob Saget passed away in his sleep on Sunday, January 9, at the age of 65. It definitely makes cosmic sense that the comedian spent the previous evening on stage making people laugh, something he’d planned to keep doing for as long as he was around. Already, those attempting rewatches of Full House are experiencing a completely different vibe in the aftermath of Saget’s death, and it’ll probably be a while before Mayim Bialik is able to look at that poster without a sense of mourning attached. 

The Big Bang Theory and Blossom alum’s post was liked by Full House and Fuller House star Candace Cameron Bure, who also shared a broken heart emoji in the comments. The actress has definitely been in a state of grieving this week, as she and Saget seemed to have kept as close as any of the former co-stars did over the years. Even Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen made a rare public statement addressing his death, as did their former TV sister Jodie Sweetin.

Speaking of Full House’s fellow ‘90s sitcom Blossom, the Call Me Kat Season 2 premiere featured a mini-reunion with Bialik sharing the screen once more with Joey Lawrence, Jenna von Oÿ and Michael Stoyanov. In a fun twist on reality, the trio of actors played themselves (in heightened ways) as former Blossom stars, thereby introducing a reality where Bialik’s character Kat Silver lives in a world where there’s also a “Mayim Bialik.” It was a fun way to not only kickstart a sitcom universe that probably also includes Amy Farrah Fowler, but also to build up interest for the in-discussions Blossom return. A revival that would probably owe part of its potential existence to the success of Netflix’s Fuller House. It all comes back to Bob Saget.

Though it premiered in a post-NFL Sunday slot, Call Me Kat airs Tuesday nights on Fox at 9:00 p.m. ET. And Full House fans can stream the O.G. series in its entirety on HBO Max.

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