After Kelly Clarkson Finally Got Her Ranch Back From Ex Brandon Blackstock, He's Found A Pricy New Bachelor Pad

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Is it possible that the Montana ranch drama is finally over for Kelly Clarkson? Even though her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock had moved off of the property by the beginning of June, as their divorce settlement required, the music manager reportedly continued to be “a thorn in her side” and even allegedly considered continuing to fight Clarkson over the ranch in court. However, Reba McEntire’s stepson has now found a new bachelor pad, so maybe the family can begin to get some actual closure.

Brandon Blackstock’s new digs were reportedly purchased on April 18, according to a deed transfer obtained after the fact by Us Weekly, but it’s unknown when, or even if, Blackstock moved in. The 4,800 square-foot house in Butte, Montana was listed for $1.8 million, though the actual purchase price was not reported. While Kelly Clarkson’s ex-husband surely ended up paying a pretty penny for the new estate, the 4-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom home is still a notable downgrade from the Montana ranch, which the American Idol champion purchased in 2019 for $10.4 million.  

The listing on Berkshire Hathaway HomeService’s website reports that Brandon Blackstock’s home features expansive windows to capture the panoramic views, a chef’s kitchen with butler’s pantry and wine refrigerator, an outdoor kitchen, a steam room, three wells, a shop, a barn with a loft, a greenhouse and a three-car garage. (What, no pool? Though I guess there are three wells.)

The house sits on over 40 acres of land in a reportedly “very private” setting, and as Brandon Blackstock also recently renamed his cattle ranching business from Vintage Valley Ranch (his previous residence) to V Bar V Cattle Co., it would seem he’s taking steps to further limit his time the entertainment industry to pursue ranching full time. Blackstock was awarded all of the couple’s livestock in the divorce settlement.

Though Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock’s divorce was filled with contention over everything from their business dealings to custody of their two children to their prenup, it was the Montana ranch that seemed to cause the biggest headache. Though Clarkson wished to sell the property, which cost a reported $81,000 monthly in mortgage, taxes and insurance, she wasn’t allowed to evict her ex, who'd maintained residence there and did not have the financial means to move out.

It was agreed that Kelly Clarkson would pay Brandon Blackstock a one-time, tax-free payment in the amount of $1,326,161, on top of 5.12% of the ranch’s value (approximately $908,000), and $115,000 in monthly spousal support. But the drama continued, even in the weeks leading up to the prospective rancher’s moving day, as he filed paperwork in court demanding that his ex-wife turn off the property’s 13 security cameras while he was still living there, and to show proof as to how that was accomplished.

As The Kelly Clarkson Show host prepares to revamp her daytime talk show, she has decided to take the summer off to spend with her two kids, apparently with some of that time planned for fun at the Montana ranch. Now that Brandon Blackstock has a place of his own, maybe everyone can really start moving forward. 

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