After Nick Cannon Shared Feelings For Ex, Mariah Carey, In New Song, The Pop Star Posted A Selfie With Her Boyfriend

Nick Cannon has made a lot of news over the past several months for fathering several children (whom his ex-wife doesn’t appear to feel much need to have a strong relationship with) by several different women at basically the same time. And, he’s clearly had relationships (however short-lived) with others since breaking up with his former wife, singing superstar Mariah Carey, in 2014. But, Cannon has now shared his lingering feelings for his ex in a new song, and Carey has (seemingly) responded by posting a selfie with her boyfriend.

What Did Nick Cannon Say About His Feelings For Mariah Carey? 

I really don’t think anyone could have seen this coming, especially with Nick Cannon’s recent track record with women being taken into account. While he has said that he was celibate for roughly a couple of months late last year, he still has yet another baby on the way (and had to apologize for that announcement), even though it sounds like he’s spent the past eight years pining for Mariah Carey

The day before Valentine’s Day, Cannon released a new single, titled “Alone,” to his YouTube page. Artwork for the song is a box of chocolates with the top broken down the middle to reveal the sweets inside, and while he doesn’t directly mention Carey, he made a point to sample her song, “Love Takes Time,” which was on her debut album. And, Cannon details how he “ain’t got nothing but love for ya” in the opening line of the tune, later noting that “I keep my distance, stay in my lane,” because “I know you got a man, it’s a little too late.” 

Basically, it definitely sounds like Cannon would love to get back together with the mother of his oldest children, 10-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe, but maintains that “I ain’t trying to fuck it up for ya,” with regards to her relationship with her boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka.

Mariah Carey Seems To Have Responded By Posting A Selfie With Boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka

If you look over Carey’s Instagram, she is not one to post constant pictures of either herself with Bryan Tanaka or of her boyfriend by himself, with most of her posts lately being of her, her children, or tributes to friends who've passed. Their romance is mostly kept private, so it was a bit of a surprise to see her step up with a Valentine’s Day shot of the duo. Take a look!

Easy and breezy, right? The couple (who began dating over five years ago) is smiling gently at the camera, and Carey notes in her caption that their “Valentine’s marathon” kept going, seemingly for a full day. Considering that the two most recent shots of Tanaka that we’ve gotten on Carey’s social media are him dressed as Dracula (full face paint and all) for a family viewing of Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, and the romantic pair getting on a plane (fully masked) before heading to a vacation, the timing of such a clear, loving portrait of Carey and Tanaka does appear to have at least a little to do with Cannon’s song.

As noted, though, it was just Valentine’s Day, meaning that while Mariah Carey’s photo can be seen as a response of sorts to Nick Cannon’s longing song lyrics for her, the post of her and Bryan Tanaka could also just (simply) be a way for her to show the world that she’s totally happy with the relationship she has right now, regardless of what Cannon does or does not still feel about her.

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