Alexandra Daddario Has Been Sharing Cool Shots After Her Wedding, And Her Latest Bikini Snap Is Simply Stunning

Alexandra Daddario has been active on social media ever since she married Andrew Form late last month. (Props to the gorgeous wedding dress girl.) In more recent days, she and her partner have been honeymooning, saving turtles and, of course, living that beach life. While she and Form have been roadtripping around the south, in her latest snaps, she showed off another bikini look, this time from Hawaii. There's seemingly a good reason for that.

The actress was actually spotted in Hawaii back in 2020, so it's likely this is a throwback shot. The White Lotus star filmed the first season of that series in the gorgeous locale during Covid, and despite the natural beauty, there were plenty of safety restrictions in place. Interestingly, Daddario also had an iconic bikini moment in that show, so I guess this sort of shot is on-trend for the actress. But this photo is giving that TV moment a run for its money, in my opinion. 

At this job, I see a lot of celebrities sharing beautiful vacation photos in exotic locales, and I’m not usually overly impressed, but the first photo in this montage is stunning. There’s clear, mirror-like water and the gorgeous Hawaiian backdrop. It’s so relaxing to look at, and I for once do feel a little twinge of jealousy. 

If you’re a fan of Alexandra Daddario, this is unlikely to be the end of her sharing photos in gorgeous settings, as she's been throwing up a lot of beach photos as part of her post-wedding trip with Andrew Form.

To note, it’s actually been a really big week for the actress on more than one front, and The White Lotus very much has something to do with it, which could explain why she’s sharing Hawaii photos now. Not only is the newlywed enjoying the sand and surf, she also got nominated for a 2022 Emmy for her part as Rachel in the HBO/HBO Max series. She posted about it after the nominations dropped, mentioning she “just cried so much in front of a bunch of people.” 

In addition, she thanked Mike White and the rest of the HBO show’s cast for helping to make it easy on her, which led to her nomination. Unfortunately, while The White Lotus has been renewed for Season 2, the nature of the series means most of the cast will not be back for the second season, with one exception. You can check out the full White Lotus Season 2 cast list or keep an eye on Daddario's Instagram account, for more on-brand posts.  

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