American Pickers Star Danielle Colby's Daughter Shares Positive Way She's Using Some Of Her OnlyFans Wealth

With American Pickers currently in the midst of its 23rd season on History — quite a milestone for the cable series — a lot of fan attention has gone to the absence of former star Frank Fritz, whose exit was made official in 2021 after medical complications and other conditions reportedly kept him from filming after 2020. While the show has struggled viewership-wise with Mike Wolfe fronting things, star Danielle Colby and her daughter Memphis (a.k.a. LolahBear) have had zero troubles attracting attention on social media and through their respective OnlyFans accounts. The younger starlet revealed not long ago that she’s banking six figures monthly from the online subscription service, and recently shared how she’s using some of her relatively newfound riches.

As a quick reminder or initial heads up for anyone who isn’t familiar with Memphis Colby, check out one of her recent Instagram posts guiding her followers to the aforementioned OnlyFans profile, where she’s currently offering free content as well as a temporarily discounted monthly fee.

One would think the people most suited to offer free content on OnlyFans are those who make enough bank already that it wouldn’t be detrimental, and that certainly does seem to be the case with for Memphis Colby. She made her big financial reveal in February, while sharing that she’d originally aimed to go to veterinary school when she “grew up,” so to speak, and that it certainly wasn’t her plan all along to eventually make bank in such a sexually charged manner. The best laid plans of mice and men, amirite? (Note to self: do not Google “OnlyFans for mice.”) And as a presumed update on that, LolahBear posted an Instagram Stories video in which she replied to a question asking how she saved money for college, to which she said (via The Sun):

I put away a chunk of every paycheck! Simple as that.

Considering Memphis Colby’s paychecks from her OnlyFans profile are likely as lucrative (if not more so) than many middle-class family’s early earnings, one can assume she’ll be able to pay for just about any kind of college education she desired. It’s not clear if her educational funding will indeed go toward her starting a career as a veterinarian, but it does appear she aims to invest her earnings back into herself, as opposed to blowing everything on overpriced cars and travel. I’d expect she could also afford a house-sized walk-in closet filled entirely with OnlyFans-specific outfits, assuming she hasn’t made such an idea a reality already.

Now, it’s not likely that Memphis Colby’s college-saving admission will quiet the OnlyFans model’s most vocal critics and trolls, but hopefully they’ll just quiet down naturally anyway. She and her mom Danielle Colby have been solid about promoting each other’s sauciness online, which has also sparked rude comments from the less libidinous section of the American Pickers fanbase. But it’s probably that much easier to drown out that kind of noise with constant cash register “cha-ching” sounds.

While we presumably won’t be seeing LolahBear showing off her specific goods on American Pickers Season 23, viewers can catch new episodes on History on Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. While waiting, get a refresher on how Danielle Colby responded to Frank Fritz’s ousting before reading into the latter’s most recent financial issues, and head to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see everything hitting the small screen in the coming months.

Nick Venable
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