Amid Todd Chrisley’s Legal Problems, His Daughter Explains The True Reason She Decided To Reconcile With Him

Lindsie Chrisley and Todd Chrisley
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Todd Chrisely and his family are currently navigating a new reality in the aftermath of his fraud trial. Last month, the Chrisley patriarch and wife Julie were found guilty of bank fraud, tax evasion and more related crimes. Since then, the two have been candid about their situation and how they’re handling it in the lead-up to their sentencing this fall. All the while, some of the older Chrisley children, like Savannah, have spoken out on the guilty verdict. Once estranged from her family, Lindsie Chrisley has since spoken out and is opening up about the true reason she and her dad ultimately reconciled. 

Lindsie Chrisley – the eldest daughter of Todd and his ex-wife Teresa Terry – left the family’s flagship reality show, Chrisley Knows Best, after five seasons in 2017. From there, she sought to distance herself from her large brood and focus on her own family, though she and husband Will Campbell split in July 2021. Even amid her personal struggles, Lindsie had been adamant about not wanting to reach out to her relatives. The 31-year-old told ET last September that there “will never be a reconciliation” and that she would only respond to the family whenever they made a public statement. 

It would seem that she and her brood are on good terms these days, though. With everything that’s been going on, one would think that her dad and stepmother’s legal troubles would’ve been the catalyst for the reunion. But as the USA Network alum explained, it was a different situation that brought them back together: 

The most common question I think is people wanting to know if we reconnected because of the trial or because of my divorce, and I can confidently tell you there was no reconnection due to any legal reasons whatsoever. Nothing like that ever transpired.

So it appears it was Lindsie Chrisley’s divorce that led her back to Todd and the rest of the family. This reunion may have come as a bit of a surprise to some, due to how strongly she felt about not wanting to patch things up. But as she went on to explain on her Southern Tea podcast, it was her dad who extended an olive branch:

After my divorce stuff had become public, my dad had posted, ‘I’m here, I love you, whatever’s going on in your life right now I see it.' … So that’s really more so how we were able to reconnect. So to answer that question in short, it was really because of my divorce.

The podcast host also explained that her father included a Bible verse as a source of encouragement for her and likely her 9-year-old son, Jackson. Such familial support is indeed invaluable, especially when one is experiencing the dissolution of their marriage. But now, I think most would agree that it's the Chrisley parents themselves who could use some uplifting.

When Todd and Julie Chrisley first spoke out after being found guilty, they said that it was “a very sad, heartbreaking time for [their] family” but stated that they were still holding on to their faith in the midst of it. Todd Chrisley later admitted that he’s “struggling” with the overall situation but, apparently, his marriage has become stronger because of it. That bond, along with the one that was just reforged with Lindsie, will likely be crucial as Todd and Julie (who face up to 30 years in prison) prepare for sentencing on October 6.

All the while, Chrisley Knows Best continues to air new episodes on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on USA Network, and those who need to catch up can stream the show using a Peacock Premium subscription.

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