Arrest Warrant Issued For Former Big Brother Winner After Missing Felony Stalking Court Date

Mike Malin on Big Brother on CBS
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As Big Brother Season 24 wraps and the post-season fun begins, a former winner is not having the best time at the moment. Three-time player Mike “Boogie” Malin has an arrest warrant out for him after he missed a court date related to felony stalking charges he was already facing. The news is just the latest in a string of troubling headlines over the past decade about the former winner, who could be facing serious consequences if this isn’t resolved. 

Reports indicate that Mike Malin was due in court for charges related to his stalking case with former Big Brother winner Dr. Will Kirby, and did not appear even after an hour of waiting. TMZ reported this was Malin’s second no-show in court, as he was due two weeks earlier to address “proof of live-in program,” but wasn’t there either. Because of these incidents, the judge revoked his probation and set his bail at $20,000.

It’s said that Mike Malin’s public defender as well as his probation officer reminded him of the court date and that he knew he had to appear. Malin is expected to pay $44,000 in restitution and serve two years of probation after pleading no contest to his felony stalking case, though the public defender allegedly told the judge Malin can’t pay the fine. 

This is the latest development in a case that involved one of the most iconic Big Brother duos, Mike Boogie and Dr. Will. The two met in Season 2, and their “Chill Town” alliance played a big part in Dr. Will winning the game. Mike Malin would later get his time to shine when he reunited with Dr. Will in Big Brother All-Stars and went on to eventually win the game. The two were a popular duo, and it has been reported this issue first started when Malin approached Kirby about reuniting for a third time on The Amazing Race

Mike Malin was interested in The Amazing Race, but when Dr. Will Kirby turned it down, Malin lost his chance to compete. Court documents later revealed that Malin began to harass Kirby via text message, and sent photos of him holding a gun at pictures of Kirby’s wife and daughter to other family members. Malin originally pled “not guilty” when the case was originally brought to court, but later changed his plea to “no contest” and was waived the right to a trial. 

And while Dr. Will Kirby has remained a face of the Big Brother franchise with guest appearances and by hosting panels with the jury of Season 24, Mike Malin remains a polarizing figure. Viewers will only see him on the show if they use their Paramount+ subscription to watch old episodes, or if they happen to see some of his statements on social media about the game (which are often problematic like when he spoke about Swaggy C Williams and Bayleigh Dayton). It’s a troubling update on one of Big Brother’s most memorable winners who gave fans many iconic Big Brother moments, but unfortunately, the reality. 

Season 24 is finished, but fans can binge it as well as all the previous seasons right now on Paramount+. The wait for Season 25 is on, and with such a landmark year for the show, one can only hope CBS is pulling out all the stops to make it a memorable season. 

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