Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won The Final HOH Part 2, And Who The Winner Will Take To The End

Taylor, Monte, and Turner staring at the memory wall in Big Brother
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Warning! The following contains spoilers ahead of Big Brother Season 24’s finale. Read at your own risk!

One of Big Brother’s wildest seasons in years is finally coming to an end. After months of Houseguests bursting into tears over surprise exits, wild blindsides, and Jasmine Davis likening Julie Chen Moonves to staple meals of southern cuisine, one person will walk away $750,000 richer. Of course, they’ll have to make it the end first, so who will be competing in the Part 3 of the Final Head of Household? 

CinemaBlend has been tracking the events of Big Brother Season 24 via the live feeds using (streamable with a Paramount+ subscription) and already reported Matt Turner as a lock for Part 3. We also know who won Part 2, and as well as who they'll likely take to the end should they win tonight’s competition. Let’s dive in, and break down what should be a very exciting finale! 

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Monte Taylor Won The Final HOH Part 2

Taylor Hale and Monte Taylor duked it out for the second slot in the Final HOH Part 3 competition, and it was reportedly a close one. Monte pulled out the win with a better time than Taylor with seconds to spare and will now take on Turner in the third leg of the competition. It was a tough break for Taylor and one that will be even tougher depending on what happens during the finale. 

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Who Turner Will Probably Take If He Wins Final HOH

In private conversations with Monte, Turner suggested that he intends to honor their Final Two deal and will pick him in the event he wins the final HOH. In all honesty, that’s probably Turner’s best play all the same, as his and Monte’s similar gameplay gives him the edge in a jury vote if they’re looking solely at winning competitions. Taylor's selection presents an opportunity for the jury to ask who faced more adversity, and there’s no denying Taylor has Monte and Turner beat several times over at this stage in the game.

Monte Taylor in Big Brother on CBS

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Who Monte Will Probably Take If He Wins Final HOH 

Monte may graciously accept Turner’s invite to the Final Two chair, but he’s already expressed to Taylor that he has no intention of honoring the deal if he wins Final HOH. The Big Brother Houseguest intends to take his showmance to the end, even if they had that spat about headphones that sparked serious doubt regarding a future relationship. Monte definitely feels bad about not honoring the deal with Turner, though I wouldn’t expect it to impact him so deeply that he changes his mind in the moment. 

In short, if you’re a fan of Taylor, Monte seems to be the person to root for when Part 3 gets underway. Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if Taylor somehow manages to sway Turner. Of course, just before Turner makes his big decision, she could reveal that Monte intended to betray him. This has been a season full of surprises, so it’d be foolish to not expect the unexpected now. 

Big Brother’s Season 24 finale airs on CBS on Sunday, September 25th at 8:00 p.m. ET. Fans who will be eager for more BB content can hop on Paramount+ and check out past seasons, as well as Big Brother Canada if they haven’t seen that before. 

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