Blake Shelton Got Hilariously Roasted By Country Singer For Resurrecting Mullet On New Single Cover, But Fans Are Loving It

Blake Shelton on The Voice.
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If you’ve been a fan of Blake Shelton from the beginning, you definitely remember the mullet. This was back before he became a regular fixture on The Voice for 20-plus seasons and long before ska queen and fashion icon Gwen Stefani made an honest man of him. The mullet was a signature back in the early aughts, when Shelton was introduced to country fans with songs including “Ol’ Red” and “Austin,” and it’s one he must have thought worth revisiting. The cowboy went old school on the cover art for his new single “No Body,” and while fans were on board with the throwback, Shelton was absolutely roasted by fellow country star Craig Morgan for his new old look.

It wasn’t even just the hair that Blake Shelton brought back for “No Body.” He wore a huge cowboy hat and an emblazoned jacket, as he stood with a self-important stare while holding his belt buckle (which, I have to say, wasn’t as big as Kelly Clarkson’s belt buckle). It’s all so very turn-of-the-century country that it's hard to blame country singer Craig Morgan for his reaction. 

Morgan peeped his buddy’s makeover while doing an interview with Taste of Country, and the “Redneck Yacht Club” singer had the most hilarious reaction, straight-up demolishing Blake Shelton’s nod to the ‘90s. Check out the video:

To be honest, Craig Morgan’s reaction was like a stream of consciousness that mirrored my thoughts when I first saw the art. I thought that had to be an old photo of Blake Shelton. The hair, the pose, the stare! I feel like I need to put on Pure Country or some other great country music movie now.

While the “That’s What I Love About Sunday” crooner took some shots at his friend, he was really quick to qualify those insults with compliments, saying he thinks Shelton is “one of the better singers in our format,” after guffawing that he should not be so confident when he looks like that.

And while there is something about Blake Shelton’s look that is objectively ridiculous, fans were absolutely eating it up on social media! It was partly the mullet, sure, but there’s just some kind of sorcery when that style combines with the ‘90s country vibe of “No Body” and the line-dancing music video. Twitter fans simply could not get enough:

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The comments sections on all of Blake Shelton’s social media posts were overflowing with love for the new single and the resurrection of his famous hairstyle, with one Twitter user saying the country star is showing us how it’s done:

THATs how ya wear a mullet. Only Blake Shelton can !!! Great great new song that throws back to early 90’s. 👏👏👏

In case you missed the full-sized pic of Blake Shelton's mullet in all of its dubious glory, he shared it on his Instagram account, and it has been getting plenty of attention from users. Take a look:

While I would be absolutely tickled if the mullet were here to stay, I’ve got a sinking feeling that Blake Shelton will be sporting a more contemporary hairstyle when he returns to the coaching panel for Season 22 of The Voice. He's already trolling new coach Camila Cabello! Either way, I’ll be tuning in when the NBC singing competition returns Monday, September 19. Be sure to check out our 2022 TV schedule to stay up to date on when all of your favorite shows are premiering this fall.

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