Bob Saget’s Widow Kelly Rizzo Reflects On Their Fun Vacations Together With Sweet Clips

Danny Tanner in Fuller House
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Bob Saget’s family has been keeping the late comedian’s memory alive for his fans months after his death. While the family has paid tribute with touching memories, they’ve also channeled Saget’s humor, especially when sharing the fun times. Saget's widow, Kelly Rizzo, in particular has been sharing plenty of throwbacks that show the late actor in his element. Now, her latest online share sees her reflecting on the couple’s fun vacations, via a sweet clip.

The Full House actor’s widow definitely hasn’t been shy about sharing memories of her late husband since his passing at age 65. Based on what's been shared, it's more than apparent that the couple had some fun times together. This is now even clearer through her recent Instagram post, which shows off the vacations the two would have. In her caption, Kelly Rizzo explained how the couple sought to record their trips:

From one year ago exactly. We had so much fun making these silly videos together. They make me so happy and so sad at the same time to relive them… but even if it’s painful it still puts a smile on my face, and I know that’s what he would want. And I know you all loved seeing Bob and me have fun together so I’ll keep sharing these from time to time. Thank you all again for being so kind and of course, loving Bob so much.

Like so many who grapple with loss, Kelly Rizzo appears to still be processing her new normal. It's understandable that she'd have mixed feelings over the clip. While it can't be easy for her to grapple with this new reality, at the very least, Rizzo can find solace in the fact that she'll always have those sweet memories. You can see the funny and sweet post for yourself down below:

Bob Saget always appeared to have a relatively easy-going nature, and this video encapsulates that pretty well. Funny enough, the hodgepodge of sports gear falls right in line with what viewers know about his beloved TV character, Danny Tanner.

The late Full House actor’s wife has been honest about her emotions after his sudden death. She’s been candid about fighting against the notion of feeling like she was robbed of time. Sharing these videos and photos seems to be somewhat cathartic for her, and they've also been enjoyable for fans. The travel enthusiast previously sent an incredibly grateful message to them for helping her cope during this challenging time. She's also been able to lean on Amanda Kloots and Katie Couric, who've experienced the losses of their own husbands. Needless to say, it's more than evident that there's a village of people standing behind the Saget family.

As Kelly Rizzo mentioned in her post, she'll be dropping more videos here and there, and I look forward to getting further peeks into her and Bob Saget's funny and sweet marriage. In the meantime, you can watch every episode of Full House and Fuller House by subscribing to HBO Max or grabbing a Netflix subscription.

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