Britney Spears Dropped 5 Insta Posts Of Herself Wearing The Same Red Dress From Slightly Different Angles

Britney Spears is no stranger to reposts on social media. The beloved pop singer regularly drops pictures with different filters, reruns her favorite clips and re-edits some of her dancing videos. Yesterday, however, she turned a few more heads than usual when she posted pictures of herself wearing the same red dress in five separate posts, all of which went up in quick succession.

All of the social media posts came without captions and simply featured Spears rocking a fantastic red dress, though the angles and her expressions are different in each one. You can check out the first one below…

Now, if you're like me, and you're a regular follower of Britney Spears on her social accounts, you may be thinking haven't I seen that dress before? Yes. The answer is yes. The pop star actually posted a video of herself looking fabulous in the same dress five weeks ago. At the time, she said she was channeling Julia Roberts, as the outfit has a bit of a Pretty Woman vibe to it. In the previous post, which contained video footage, she also rocked a red hat, though there wasn't any sign of it in the above post.

There also wasn't any sign of the red hat in any of the other four posts either. Each does, however, contain a happy Britney Spears looking terrific and seeming to have a lot of fun. You can check out another of the pictures below...

All five of the pictures have gotten tens of thousands of likes, but fans have responded to one a little more than the other. It already has more than 35,000 likes, which is about 5,000 more than its nearest competitor.  Maybe that's an algorithm thing or maybe there's just something subtle in the way she's looking that is connecting with her fans a little bit more.

You can check out the most popular of the pictures below...

Britney Spears' social media posts and general behavior have been scrutinized to an extreme levels since her conservatorship ended. Last year, a flurry of reposts caused some fans to start dropping conspiracy theories under her pictures and videos about where she was living and whether she was okay, to the point where she had to turn off comments. Of course it later came out she just didn't like her new house and was still spending time in her old house, and there was absolutely nothing untoward about what was going on.

More recently, rumors about an alleged intervention have made the rounds. They claimed Spears' loved ones were planning to push her into treatment for supposed substance abuse issues. Britney denied there was an issue and nothing seemed to come from it, except more looking over her shoulder and second guessing from fans. Her husband Sam Asghari also released a statement making it clear Spears is an adult and will make her own medical choices.

I can't speak to what's going on in Britney Spears' life or why she decided to drop these pictures as five separate posts instead of one post with multiple pictures. But I can tell you she looks excellent in her red dress, and I'm glad she looks like she's having fun modeling the fantastic look. 

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