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Jared Padalecki is quite the busy man these days, as he’s not only currently shooting the third season of The CW's Walker, but is also putting the effort in for its prequel series, Walker: Independence. However, he still has some downtime, which he spends a lot of with his family, and one recent outing had the actor out and about to catch Harry Styles in concert, and Padalecki certainly dressed the part.

Harry Styles is currently playing shows around the States for his Love On Tour concert series, with several performances in Austin, where Padalecki not only films the Walker, Texas Ranger reboot, but also where he hangs his hat at home. For the pop star's fifth of six nights in the Texas capital, Padalecki went out with his family and definitely proved how much of a fan he is on Instagram, even bragging (maaaaybe falsely) that his BFF Styles set it up for him. Check out the post:

It’s always fun to see celebrities enjoying themselves at concerts, whether as fans or friends, because it shows that everyone is in need of a good time. And while a cowboy hat may be Jared Padalecki’s signature style right now on the small screen, the man definitely knows how to rock a boa and heart-shaped glasses. 

Sayyy, maybe Cordell Walker is a secret Harry Styles fan? It would make for an interesting C-story in a future episode, and Cordell’s new partner Cassie would definitely make fun of him for it.  Some lightness following that Walker Season 2 finale, even if former boy-banders aren't involved. 

Of course, Jared Padalecki couldn’t let it slide that Styles just so happened to be playing in Austin the same week that Walker and Walker: Independence are premiering on The CW. Is it just a coincidence? Certain, but the Supernatural alum jokingly thanked the singer for the “private concert” and knew that he was singing just for him…even if it didn’t quite look that way:

Although he's known for playing serious characters on television, the Gilmore Girls vet is quite fond of joking around behind the scenes. When Jensen Ackles directed an episode of Walker earlier this year, he was met with daily pranks on set that were definitely not just courtesy of the crew. On a sweeter note, Padalecki dressed up as a My Little Pony character for his daughter, which goes to show the lengths he will go for his family. especially when it involves some costuming flair. 

Meanwhile, this week is a big one for Jared Padalecki, and it’s not just because of his superb resemblance to the Don’t Worry Darling star. On top of Walker premiering Season 3, the series will see an expansion with the premiere of Walker: Independence, which stars Arrow and Shadowhunters vet Katherine McNamara as Abby Walker, a widow who tries to figure out who killed her husband, which takes her to the titular Texas town. So October is already looking pretty great, even without knowing what JP will be dressed as for Halloween.

If you aren’t able to get dressed up with a boa for Harry Styles’ Love On Tour, you can still catch Harry Styles in Don’t Worry Darling now as part of the 2022 movies schedule. The new season of Walker and the series premiere of Walker: Independence air this Thursday, October 6, beginning at 8 p.m. EST on The CW, ahead of lots of other great shows hitting the 2022 TV schedule.

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