Could Hallmark Bring Back One Of Its Major Cancelled Series?

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While Hallmark Channel is known as the home for Christmas movies no matter the time of year, the network has also knocked out some fan-favorite original shows. Original series Good Witch received a surprise cancellation in 2021, but is there hope it could come back?

Good Witch aired its series finale over a year ago, and while there was some closure, not everything was happy in the episode, and former lead Bailee Madison was also notably absent. Star James Denton was able to find another role on Hallmark in the form of a movie, but it would be nice to see him as Dr. Sam Radford once again. 

Hallmark Media programming EVP Lisa Hamilton Daly discussed the future of the fantasy dramedy with TVLine, and although it’s nothing concrete, it can be enough to give fans hope:

As far as Good Witch, I think we’re always interested in thinking about what we can do with our most popular IP. I can’t announce anything specific about that.

It sounds like there is some interest in bringing Good Witch back, which is definitely a good thing for viewers who thought it ended too soon. There’s a reason the series lasted for seven seasons and nearly a hundred episodes. Fingers crossed it does come back, though it’s hard to tell if and when that would happen.

However, if Good Witch does return, it doesn’t necessarily mean it would be a continuation of the series. A reboot with new characters and actors is a possibility, or something similar to the iCarly revival where it takes place years in the future. Of course, iCarly came back nearly ten years after the original series finale, whereas Good Witch only went off the air in 2021, so not a lot may have happened for the characters since the final credits rolled last July. 

Maybe something along the lines of How I Met Your Father would be more likely, where it’s the same concept as the original series but focuses on a different set of characters set in the same universe.

Even if there is another season of Good Witch that continues the storylines, that doesn’t mean that all of the cast would return as well. As previously mentioned, Bailee Madison, who portrayed Grace Russell, left Good Witch after Season 5 but came back to guest star in the final season. She recently starred in the HBO Max original series Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, although a second season isn't guaranteed due to what’s been going on at HBO Max as of late. A return from Madison wouldn't be a sure thing even if Good Witch does come back. 

Whether or not the show returns to the airwaves with new episodes, Hallmark has plenty of upcoming originals, and I’m not just talking about movies. Grey’s Anatomy and Supergirl vet Chyler Leigh was recently cast in a new Hallmark series. There’s also the upcoming tenth season of When Calls the Heart, and it will hopefully be here before you know it.

While waiting for news on Good Witch’s possible comeback, check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule to see what else to look forward to in the coming months.

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