Dead City: 5 Theories And Predictions I Have For The Walking Dead Sequel

The main cast of Dead City.
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You thought I was done talking about The Walking Dead? You thought wrong. 

While The Walking Dead finally came to an end after eleven seasons with a very emotional finale, it won’t be long before The Walking Dead universe continues on with its spinoffs. One of which I am very excited for is Dead City, a spinoff that is going to star Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Maggie and Negan as they go to a place we’ve never seen before in the mainline show – New York City. 

Originally called Isle of the Dead, it was one of the many spin offs announced, and now that the flagship series has come to an end, it’s time to start counting down the days until we get to go to Dead City. But in every The Walking Dead show, I always have some predictions/theories for what is going to happen, and Dead City is not exempt from that. Let’s get into my theories about the new show's plot:

Maggie in The Walking Dead.

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Theory: Maggie And Negan Go To NYC Because Of A Possibly Familiar Villain

I think one of my biggest gripes about the final season of The Walking Dead was that literally none of the spinoffs that we were told about were set up besides the Rick and Michonne one. We have no idea how Daryl, of all people, ends up in France, and we still don’t know how Maggie and Negan wind up in the city that never sleeps – well, it sleeps now in the world of the show, but you get what I mean. 

But I’m assuming that we’re going to end up finding out about it as soon as the series starts, and one of my predictions is that the reason Maggie and Negan end up going to New York City is because it could be due to a possibly familiar villain. Whatever the case it is, I’m not sure. We’ve had several awesome villains on The Walking Dead that have met very gruesome ends, but there are people from those groups that we haven’t seen in a while that could very well end up being the villain of Dead City. 

Maggie walking in Dead City.

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Theory: Negan And Maggie Will Discover New Kinds Of Walkers

Okay, hear me out – I want to see some evolved walkers, and I’m praying we get to see some in New York City in Dead City. 

Lauren Cohan revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that Dead City takes place a few years after the original show ended, at that point in The Walking Dead timeline, it’s been about, what, fifteen years since the start of the post-outbreak world? Maybe sixteen? 

We were given a tiny sliver of what evolved walkers could be like in the finale for The Walking Dead, ones that looked to be able to open doors, break glass and climb walls. It would make sense for walkers to evolve – and for there to be different types. And with this taking place a few years into the future, there should be even more of a reason. 

I don’t know, man. I just keep thinking of The Last of Us TV show, a series based on a popular video game that’s coming out as part of the 2023 TV schedule, and I see how that world has four different types of zombies – one of which was shown in the trailer. I want The Walking Dead world to expand their world of zombies and I think Dead City might be the best way to do it. 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Dead City.

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Theory: Negan Is Going To End Up Pulling Another Lucille

It’s already been revealed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that the old Negan from past seasons of the show might be making an appearance in Dead City, but just how much of that is really what I’m assuming. So I’m thinking it could either be really good, or really bad. 

I genuinely think that because it’s been a few years in Dead City, and that Negan has been away from the group for a good amount of time (according to the Entertainment Weekly article), he’s going to be back to his old tricks, but something is going to force him to go somewhere with Maggie. 

However, I don’t think it’s going to be so easy – and I think he’s going to pull another Lucille. This doesn't mean he’s going to kill someone with that bat, but I think he’s going to do something that’s so outrageously bad that we might need to turn away from our television screens, because at this point, who knows what they’re going to be up against? 

I just have a bad feeling. While Negan has had a crazy character arc, there’s always slip-ups in people's lives, and this might be it.

Negan and Maggie in Dead City.

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...Or, Negan Is Going To Go Against Maggie At Some Point – And Then Revert Back To Good

I mean, or this could happen. 

Again, I can very much see Negan pulling a Lucille once again and becoming a villain, but I can also see him pulling a Whisperer War movement where he might end up turning to the good side and infiltrating whoever the antagonist is in this show. 

There could also be some animosity between Maggie and Negan at some point where he wilfully goes against what she wants and turns against Maggie, but maybe something happens that makes him turn good again – which is often what has occurred in The Walking Dead. 

Negan’s whole entire story is up in the air, but all I can say is that I’m excited to see where it goes. 

Maggie in Dead City.

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I Think One Of Them Is Going To Get Taken Out

I don’t want to believe that either of the main characters are going to get taken out but, like, it would just make sense. I genuinely think that one of them is going to bite the bullet at some point. Do I want them to join my list of the most heartbreaking deaths in the franchise? Of course not, but it would just up the stakes. 

AMC announcing these spinoffs before the end of the show really took the suspense out of the final season, so I’m hoping that it’s because these spinoffs are going to make sure that some of our characters have satisfying endings. 

While Dead City isn’t set to come out until April of 2023, I’ll be sitting here theorizing until then. And for those who are just as excited as I am, might as well re-visit all the important events on Maggie’s timeline before she appears on the small screen again as well.  

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