After Joining OnlyFans Alongside Her And Charlie Sheen’s Daughter, Denise Richards Reveals How She’s Adjusting To The Platform

Raising kids is hard, especially when the parents disagree on certain finer points, as was the case between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian concerning their now-9-year-old daughter’s TikTok use earlier this year. Another pair of illustrious exes at odds of late were Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen, who had two totally different reactions when their newly minted 18-year-old daughter decided to join OnlyFans. (Namely, Sheen hinted that this wouldn’t have happened under his roof.) Richards later opted to join the NSFW platform too – in support of her daughter or in spite of Sheen, it is unclear – but she revealed how she’s adjusting as a content provider now that she’s on there.

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, who continues to be mentioned on that reality series even as recently as Season 12, is still figuring out how to navigate OnlyFans, truth be told. However, her exclusive content already runs for $25 per month for her followers. And in an interview with People, the star shared that she’s starting to see the site as the next big evolution in fan-celeb interactions. She said:

I wasn't really aware of how their site worked. I think that the platform really allows creators to be able to communicate with fans in a more dynamic way and to be our true, authentic self. It's a very safe platform, it's 18 and over. You can do what you feel you want to do. It has allowed me to be able to be more interactive with fans. It reminds me of when you join a fan site, whoever it was that you are a fan of. That's how I feel that this site is.

As many will recall, Denise Richards was somewhat of a sex symbol in her own right when she came up in the industry in the late 1990s. Her roles in films like Wild Things and The World Is Not Enough (as a “Bond girl”) cemented that status. So it makes perfect sense that she would join one of the more risqué content-creating platforms on the web. She might not be dropping down to her birthday suit just yet, but there’s a distinct possibility. The 51-year-old mother of three stipulated her boundaries to the outlet, saying:

I'm doing everything on it. I want to do stuff that's behind the scenes with fashion and beauty, and all different things. Just being able to do that, I think, is really wonderful.

Initially, after her daughter Sami Sheen joined and her ex made his disapproval known to the world, the actress made it quite clear that she trusted Sami implicitly. As a result, the ex-Two and a Half Men star seemingly had a sudden change of heart, saying that his daughter would now have a “united parental front” on the matter. Reports also indicate that his reaction to Denise Richards joining OnlyFans is much better than what it was for Sami, apparently.

Other famous faces have found new life on the platform as well. Fellow 90s sex symbol Carmen Electra loves that the platform serves as a safe space for her to engage with fans and wear many different hats, so to speak. Likewise, Teen Wolf alum Tyler Posey has been able to open up about his sexuality for the first time using his own account.

Clearly, Denise Richards is all for her and her daughter’s OnlyFans accounts and the opportunities it presents. But the real question is, does the 18-year-old approve of her mom sharing the same space as her? According to Richards, the answer is yes. Sami Sheen doesn’t give her pointers or anything, but her mom claimed, "Just like being on Instagram or Facebook, it's the same thing for me, as far as that goes." On that note, Sheen is likely open to giving her mother pointers, as they both continue to navigate the very lucrative website.

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