Emily Ratajkowski Downloaded A Dating App After Pete Davidson Split, So What Hope Is There For The Rest Of Us?

Emily Ratajkowski answers 73 questions from Vogue.
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We all know that dating and relationships can be tough, but it seems like some just don't have to try as hard to find love. Emily Ratajkowski is one of those people. However, when it comes to one of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities, she really is just like us — in one aspect at least — as she recently divulged that she joined a dating app.  The revelation comes on the heels of headlines that seem to indicate her relationship with Pete Davidson has come to an end, and if the Gone Girl actress has even resorted to hitting the apps in search of love, what chance do the rest of us possibly have?

Emily Ratajkowski is an actress who’s starred opposite Ben Affleck, a model who’s been featured in music videos and the author of My Body, a collection of essays that explore beauty, sexuality and power dynamics in our culture. Since announcing her split from her husband of four years, Sebastian Bear-McClard, she’s reportedly been on a few dates with Brad Pitt and was most recently attached to Pete Davidson. So why the decision to set up a dating profile? She explained on her podcast High Low:  

I had a glass of wine and I was like, ‘Fuck it.’ I actually was feeling defiant because so many people told me not to get it.

Apparently a number of people were perplexed at her decision to get into dating apps, as Emily Ratajkowski said she got questions in both her DMs and from friends and family about why she was doing it, and her response to them was: 

Because I’m a woman. I’m a free, independent, single woman. I want to do it.

And that should be enough reason for anybody! I love that she’s taking control of her love life in such a way and exploring her options. She said she’s even gotten requests from women, “which is exciting.” It’s especially funny that she did it in a defiant way, after apparently she was told not to by so many people. However, she and her co-host pointed out that being on dating apps doesn’t hold the stigma it once did, and this is the world we’re living in now.

Emily Ratajkowski was previously connected to infamous ladies man Pete Davidson. The presumed couple hung out on his birthday back in November before seeming to go public at a New York Knicks game. There were high hopes for the couple, as they bonded over their love for the East Coast in a way that the Saturday Night Live alum couldn’t with ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

However, after Pete Davidson was seen with his Bodies Bodies Bodies co-star Chase Sui Wonders at a New York Rangers game and at his house — coupled with EmRata’s dating app reveal — it appears their relationship is over (or at least not exclusive). 

So what kind of person is the model seeking on the dating apps? Emily Ratajkowski expressed that she just wants someone “normal,” saying:

We want, like, a surgeon. We want a lawyer. An academic. … So I’m on this app just to meet those people, because my friends haven’t come through with the normies.

Emily Ratajkowski has always been about female empowerment, and if she is able to find what she’s looking for in the same way that so many others are looking for love, more power to her. Best of luck to her and all of us in our relationship endeavors. 

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