First Look At Big Brother Season 24's HOH Room Is All About The Red, White And Blue (And It's Fancy, Too)

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Big Brother Season 24 is almost upon us, and both CBS viewers and Paramount+ subscribers are hungry for any and all details on what's to come. CinemaBlend recently shared some fresh details that fans should get excited about ahead of the 90-minute live move-in premiere, and now we have a first look at this season's HOH bedroom! 

The Head of Household holds the most power in the Big Brother house, and assuming no twist jeopardizes that this season, they obviously play a big factor in determining who stays and who goes. This season certainly showcases that power to the fullest extent, as it looks like the HOH will hold court in one of the fanciest-looking (and potentially patriotic) rooms we've seen in a while: 

Big Brother Season 24 HOH room CBS

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The house theme for Big Brother Season 24 is said to be "mid-century Palm Springs," and there's definitely some classical beauty on display in this room. I especially like the use of red and blue throughout, and how they're complemented so well by the white marble and other elements. It's probably no coincidence that the episodes debuting the same week as the Fourth of July feature such a flag-worthy color scheme.

The main room looks perfect for conversations, and I'm sure many alliances' members will be chilling on the couch and discussing strategies in the upcoming season. That clear wall leading to the bathroom may make it a bit hard for any secret guests to go into hiding when others enter unexpectedly, so I'm eager to see if any Houseguest gets caught unintentionally because of that design choice. Check it out: 

Big Brother HOH Bedroom alternate view CBS

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The red and blue maps on opposing walls are certainly interesting, which both share the same color choices used all throughout the Big Brother Season 24 HOH room. It could be merely a design choice, but I'm also wondering if those details are foreshadowing a larger twist or new element that will come into the game. (Note there's also a globe in the pic below, which seems likely to tie into all this.) 

Of course, we have to get a closer look at the bathroom, as that's the most coveted spot for any Big Brother Houseguest. Apparently, having a private bathroom makes you a popular person when everyone else is having to share one. 

HOH bathroom on Big Brother CBS

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I'm calling it right now: this season of Big Brother will feature at least one scene with an HOH contemplating their options in that tub. The potential is definitely high for comfortable bubble baths there, which would be helpful after a grueling endurance competition. 

Of course, another coveted item in the HOH room is the bed. This year's offering doesn't really switch things up in a major way with the bed design, but I do love what they did with the wall lights behind it. It almost creates a throne of sorts for the HOH to sit on while discussing strategy, which I very much appreciate.

HOH Master Bed Big Brother Season 24

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That looks like a bed where a showmance (or casual hookup) may blossom, for better or worse, or it could just be a super-comfy spot to destress. It's impossible to know if love is in store for this season just yet, though I certainly wouldn't mind another couple as lovable as Season 23's Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss

Another thing I'm really loving is the amount of seating in the room. Those two long couches are definitely going to allow for Houseguest sleepover parties, assuming that's something the Season 24 contestants are into:

Big Brother HOH Room CBS

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Overall, this is one of the fanciest Head of Household rooms I've seen on Big Brother in a while. With that said, it makes me wonder just how bad the Have-Not room will be in comparison, and what issues anyone outside that spot will have to deal with. We'll find out soon enough!

Big Brother Season 24 premieres on CBS on Wednesday, July 6th at 8:00 p.m. ET. Get ready for a season of twists, turns, and even more fun on the live feeds as we enjoy a whole new season. 

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