Following Backlash Over Comments, Candace Cameron Bure Opens Up About Faith And Filming Christmas Movies

Candace Cameron Bure in Journey Back to Christmas
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Candace Cameron Bure found herself on the receiving end of some significant backlash this past week. The actress, who moved from Hallmark Channel to Great American Family earlier this year, spoke about the creative direction that the latter network is taking with its content. In the process, Cameron Bure revealed that the channel will solely focus on stories that feature “traditional marriage” as opposed to including LGBTQ+ storylines when it comes to its movies. The star has since addressed her comments, while the blowback continues. Now, amid the controversy, Cameron Bure is opening up about her faith and filming Christmas movies.

The Full House alum has been very vocal about her faith over the years, and it partly factored into her decision to join GAF. In her words, she believed that the team there “were Christians that love the Lord and wanted to promote faith programming and good family entertainment.” The 46-year-old Hollywood vet expanded on her religion during an interview with Fox News, as she explained that her faith is synonymous with who she is: 

My faith is so the core and foundation of who I am that sometimes I don't verbally acknowledge it because it's just my assumption. It's like, well, ‘If you get Candace, you get faith.’ It's one and the same. It is with me all the time. It is in all that I do. I'm very grateful for God's protection and love.

That devotion to Christianity came up when Candace Cameron Bure explained her comments on GAF’s direction. In a statement, Cameron Bure said that she has “great love and affection for all people” and that it “absolutely breaks my heart that anyone would ever think I intentionally would want to offend and hurt anyone.” She also called out the media for “using this opportunity to fan flames of conflict and hate.” During this time, ex-Hallmark star Hilarie Burton has called her out, and fellow network alums Holly Robinson Peete and Jonathan Bennett have responded as well. JoJo Siwa, who had a conflict with Cameron Bure earlier this year, also clapped back at her comments and received support from Fuller House’s Jodie Sweetin after she did so. GLAAD also condemned the comments, calling them “irresponsible and hurtful.”

Despite this current wave of backlash and more that Candace Cameron Bure has received over the years, she arguably remains the queen of made-for-TV Christmas movies. Her holiday-centric work at Hallmark earned her a significant amount of recognition, and it arguably rejuvenated her career. And as Cameron Bure herself explained during the same interview, she didn’t see herself becoming a yuletide staple: 

I never imagined that I would be known for a Christmas movie career. It wasn't a thing back then, and then we made it a thing, which was pretty cool.

Her role in those kinds of productions is also quite fitting, too. The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries alum is personally a major fan of the holiday, as she went on to explain. She also shed light on why that’s the case: 

Since that, it's like, I've done one every year. I love it. It truly is [my] favorite time of the year. I love all the things associated with Christmas and how it makes people feel. Warm and happy and merry … and also emotional, depending on what's happened during the seasons or loved ones that have you've lost. It just brings up a lot of emotions. To be associated with something that is so beautiful has been an incredible part of my career.

Candace Cameron Bure has seemingly built a solid fanbase due to her work on Hallmark, and one would imagine that many of them will check out her GAF Christmas fare when it drops. There’s also a firm chance that pushback could further ensue in connection to her statements on the network’s focus on traditional marriage. Though based on Cameron Bure’s comments, one would imagine that she’ll look to her faith should any further critiques arise.

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