Following Renewal Questions, Donnie Wahlberg Celebrates Blue Bloods' Return With Excited Post

Danny Reagan in Blue Bloods
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At this point in Blue Bloods’ run on CBS, it’s almost impossible to foresee the network ever pulling the plug on the crime drama, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, and Bridget Moynahan still in their respective Reagan roles a decade from now. Still, it seems like few shows on TV these days are 100% guaranteed safe, regardless of if previous deals were announced or not, and fans were a bit suspicious after CBS revealed renewal announcements for several marquee dramas such as those in the NCIS franchise, but not Blue Bloods. The worries can subside now, though, as the network officially confirmed Season 13 is on the way!

After CBS finally put Blue Bloods’ fans fears to bed with its renewal announcement, longtime star Donnie Wahlberg took to Instagram to share his excitement about bringing Reagan family dinners into the 2022-2023 TV season. Check it out!

Donnie Wahlberg was optimistic (at least as far as God’s will is concerned) that the Blue Bloods cast and crew would be back to work on Season 13 when he shared news that Season 12 was finished filming. (Don’t expect to see Tom Selleck sharing any celebratory posts, though, as everyone knows he’s not a social media kinda guy.) The drama celebrated its 250th episode in January of this year, so it would have been a major bummer for the show to get axed before it was able to reach the 300 mark. 

While it’s not clear why CBS held off on announcing Blue Bloods’ Season 13 renewal, it likely wasn’t much more than formalizing contracts and paperwork, since the show hasn’t ever been in danger of being cancelled for any clear reasons. Even if Season 12 is indeed skewing lower than normal on Friday nights in Live + Same Day viewing and slightly lower in the key demographic rating, Blue Bloods still has a bigger audience than a lot of other shows airing on more TV-friendly nights. 

The lack of competition certainly helps, but it’s also worth noting that the CBS drama’s delayed viewing stats are right on par with what they were last season, and there are few things more prized in network execs’ eyes than “maintained steadiness.” Since Blue Bloods isn’t the kind of show that takes wild narrative swings, viewers have had relatively few content-related reasons to stop watching, and have only become more attached to the ensemble cast over time.

Someone who knows Wahlberg pretty well is fellow New Kids on the Block member Danny Wood, who commented on the Blue Bloods’ star’s post with: 

Congrats to #thecaptain

Now that both the Blue Bloods cast and New Kids on the Block have been discussed, now seems like a great time to segue into this Instagram post from co-star Marisa Ramirez, whose daughter was confused by her mother repping a splendidly stylish NKOTB T-shirt.

Just like the New Kids, Blue Bloods will be hanging tough at least through a thirteenth season. The show airs Friday nights on CBS at 10:00 p.m., but fans can watch past episodes whenever they want with a Paramount+ subscription, so get on that. 

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