GAF Star Reacts To Candace Cameron Bure’s 'Traditional Marriage' Controversy And Brings Up A Point Dave Chappelle Once Made

Ever since Candace Cameron Bure’s remarks about “traditional marriage” lots of controversy has followed. Many stars have also talked about it, including actors from her old network Hallmark and her current home Great American Family. Now, her fellow GAF star Paul Greene is adding to the conversation, bringing up a point Dave Chappelle once made. 

While speaking with Us Weekly Greene spoke quite a bit about the controversy surrounding Bure’s comments, saying: 

It’s tough. This time, it feels like no matter what I say, somebody’s gonna get hurt. I think Dave Chappelle said it, that this is, like, the scariest time to speak. There’s never been a time where it feels trepidatious when it comes to having an opinion about anything.

Greene might be referencing Dave Chappelle’s monologue from SNL which aired about a month ago, and now has 15 million views. The comedian reflected on his 35 years doing stand-up, and he explained that “it shouldn’t be this scary to talk about anything, it makes my job incredibly difficult.” 

The GAF actor continued to talk about all the attention surrounding Bure, saying: 

It’s really hard for me to put myself in a position to understand what somebody meant or to put myself in a position of how like maybe the whole queer community might feel around this conversation because I’m neither. Everything I would be doing would be [a] projection or some sort of attempt to understand. But all I know is that Candace has one of the biggest hearts that I’ve ever met.

Greene has worked with Bure twice on the films A Christmas Detour and On Time for Christmas. The actor continued to reflect on the time he’s spent with the Full House actress, and how he is unsure the quote everyone is talking about is "100 percent what she said." He also stated that based on who Bure associates herself with he knows “her heart” and that “she’s not a judgmental person.” 

He then continued to talk about the greater discourse surrounding Bure’s comments, saying: 

I feel like there’s gotta be a way in all of this for people to listen to one another, to come together to kind of understand what it must be like for the queer community to not have their stories told in a traditional experience like this. And then also for people to listen to the other side so that there’s an understanding and not just go, ‘Well, [Candace] is a X, Y, Z because …’ But actually go and look at the whole picture of who [she is and] what her life is.

The debate has continued as both Hallmark and GAF’s films have been airing on the 2022 TV schedule. Hallmark stars Holly Robinson Peete and Jonathan Bennett both issued responses in reference to Bure’s quote, along with these two, ex-Hallmark star Hilarie Burton called her out. Great American Family star Trevor Donovan also commented on the situation. Along with the holiday movie actors, Jojo Siwa has called Brue out, dropping an F-bomb while sharing her disapproval of the Fuller House actress' comment.  

Following the backlash around her “traditional marriage” quote Bure explained that she has a “great love and affection for all people.”

As the conversation around Brue’s comments continue the Christmas movie schedule is in full swing, with many of these actors, including Brue and Greene, in some of the films. 

Riley Utley
Weekend Editor

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