HBO's Sopranos Box Set Is On Sale This Cyber Monday, And Not Even Tony Soprano Would Turn Down This Offer

James Gandolfini on The Sopranos
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In the grand history of TV, there have been a number of shows that have truly managed to capture the hearts and minds of avid viewers, and HBO’s The Sopranos definitely fits that bill. David Chase’s acclaimed mob drama provided audiences with graphic violence, uncensored sexual content and big laugh, but it also featured layered characters, intricate storylines and a touch of social commentary. Plenty of fans still rewatch the show today and a number of others are discovering it for the first time. Though it can be streamed using an HBO Max subscription, hardcore devotees may want to own the entire series. And if you fall into that category, you’re in luck. The box set is on sale this Black Friday, and not even Tony Soprano could turn down this sweet deal. 

Don’t get me wrong, streaming is nice but, if you’re like me, there’s just a feeling of joy that comes with owning a physical copy of a TV show or movie. HBO has done a particularly strong job when it comes to releasing box sets of some of its greatest hits (and that includes ensuring that most of them are available on Blu-ray as well). So it’s not too surprising that the company made sure to give one of its most iconic programs the proper home media treatment. 

The critically acclaimed crime series has had a number of physical media releases over the years, with the six seasons originally being split amongst DVDs. Warner Bros. later dropped each season individually on Blu-ray. However, in 2014, a definitive Blu-ray box set simply titled The Sopranos: The Complete Series hit the market. 

The Sopranos: The Complete Series Blu-ray box set

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An updated version of the cool collection, which can be glimpsed above, became available in 2020 and has been priced at $129.99 by most vendors, including Best Buy (opens in new tab), for some time now. However, ahead of Black Friday, the store is now offering the set at a reasonable $59.99!

Best Buy is offering it for $59.99 (opens in new tab)

The Sopranos: The Complete Series Blu-ray set is available to own! Best Buy is offering it for $59.99 (opens in new tab), which is a significant markdown from its usual $129.99 price.

Tony Soprano was a massive lover of TV and film, and I truly believe this deal from Best Buy would catch even his eye. Of course, some may still be skeptical about buying in, so let’s talk about the specifics here. The set comes with a total of 28 discs, which include all 86 episodes. One of those is actually a bonus disc that possesses a plethora of bonus features, like a look back at the show’s legacy, roundtable dinners with the cast and crew and a multi-part interview with David Chase. And if that weren’t enough, there are also numerous episode commentary tracks. So all in all, those who have a true fondness for the show may want to consider this as a stocking stuffer for the holiday season.

For those who aren’t familiar with the show, The Sopranos centers on James Gandolfini’s Tony, a New Jersey-based mob boss who seeks to balance his obligations to the mafia with his responsibilities to his wife and two kids. All the while, he attends therapy sessions, which give his psychiatrist – and viewers – a deep dive into his psyche. There are plenty of memorable characters throughout, like the frustrated Carmela Soprano and conflicted shrink Jennifer Melfi. There’s also the hot-headed Christopher Moltisanti and the eccentric Paulie Gualtieri (played by the late Tony Sirico). All in all, the cast of Sopranos was one of the show’s greatest strengths. 

We haven’t discussed the impeccable storytelling, courtesy of David Chase and the writing staff. The pilot is simply iconic, while installments like “Pine Barrens,” “Whitecaps” and “Long Term Parking” are also among the best episodes. And of course, many continue to evaluate the series finale of Sopranos, particularly that final scene – which may have been solved by the prequel film, The Many Saints of Newark.

Considering all of that, there are plenty of reasons to take advantage of this deal from Best Buy. It’s understandable that some may want to be thoughtful when it comes to purchasing a box set, as I’m the same way. However, if you’re a fan of this classic HBO show and are seeking out a smattering of cool bonus features, then The Sopranos: The Complete Series is right for you. So do yourself a favor and pick up this amazing set and, while you're watching it, grab yourself a little bit of gabagool to enjoy with it.

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