How Scott Disick Allegedly Feels About Dating Again Following Amelia Hamlin Breakup And Kourtney Kardashian Drama

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Scott Disick’s love life has been getting all sorts of complicated as of late. He has long been thought to still be holding a torch for the mother of his three kids, Kourtney Kardashian. And it seemed all but confirmed when Disick supposedly trashed Kardashian's new relationship with Travis Barker in a jealous rant to one of her exes recently. Disick’s own girlfriend, Amelia Hamlin, evidently broke up with him over the drama but, nevertheless, the former Keeping Up with the Kardashians wing man might just be ready to start dating again.

Although Keeping Up with the Kardashians is now over, its stars apparently will always have relationship drama to contend with. Scott Disick seems to be knocking down all his dominos of exes in one fell swoop. Reportedly, too, it's not doing wonders for his family life. Disick even briefly unfollowed all the Kardashians on Instagram after the Amelia Hamlin breakup over Kourtney Kardashian (per BuzzFeed). He has since followed them all back and looks to be re-establishing some newfound hope for the future. A source for ET Online shared:

Scott is interested in putting himself back out there again and dating. He has a hard time being alone. He likes having some sort of female companionship, whether it's serious or not.

The idea of the media personality potentially moving on only a month after his breakup might sound rushed to some, but it would be in keeping with his track record. Prior to Amelia Hamlin, he had dated Sofia Richie for three years, before they broke up in May 2020. Only a few months later, though, he started seeing Hamlin secretly (as we found out from Hamlin’s mom, Lisa Rinna of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills). But the couple wouldn't go Instagram official until early 2021.

Evidently, there are even more similarities between Amelia Hamlin and Sofia Richie's failed relationships with Scott Disick than how they started up. Following his snafu over Kourtney Kardashian's relationship, Richie apparently anticipated a breakup between him and Hamlin because that is apparently how they originally broke up as well. On Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Disick was very frank on camera that Richie had issued him an ultimatum: her or Kardashian. (And who he chose was pretty obvious.) It's not clear whether Hamlin also had to issue an ultimatum, but she apparently is equally as done with the old paramour situation. The source claimed:

Scott and Amelia are fully done, and she doesn't plan on going back to him. She feels like she saw his true colors and realizes that he is not what she wants.

If "Lord Disick" is making a pattern of Kourtney Kardashian-inspired breakups, he might want to reconsider. She and Travis Barker appear to be quite serious, and rumors have even alleged that they're already married. If that is indeed the case, it would probably be in Disick's own best interest to move on for good this time.

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