Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent Appears To Have Shaded Ex Randall Emmett Yet Again On Social Media

Randall Emmet and Lala Kent on Vanderpump R
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After a 3-year long engagement and the birth of their first child, Lala Kent and Randall Emmett ultimately called it quits. Or, rather, it has been speculated that Kent broke things off after an alleged cheating incident. Since the breakup, the Vanderpump Rules star has seemingly been the one throwing a little shade at her ex – from using Beyoncé’s cheating anthem “Sorry” in one post to changing her “Rand” tattoo into “bRand new” in another. Now, she's back at it again.

It has been reported that the Bravo star and her 8-month-old daughter Ocean moved out of the house they shared with Randall Emmett a few weeks ago. On Instagram recently, she confirmed the change of address in a sponsored post for Starla wine. And nothing quite says shade like looking “thirty, flirty and thriving” after a split – while also making a profit. Specifically, she said in the post,

Hey, you guys, welcome to my new place!...I am in desperate need for a drink – nonalcoholic that is.

Lala Kent continues on about the benefits of nonalcoholic wine for breastfeeding mothers, DDs and friends on the sober path as well. But the underlying shade hasn't been lost on her fans. I mean, a recent breakup is cause enough for anyone to desperately need a drink. See the full post here:

However, the star has been maintaining her sobriety for the last three years, and nothing can seemingly deter her from that path. In her first official statement after the split from Randall Emmett, she shared that she was having a tough time but that her sobriety has been stronger than ever. She has found a new living situation and to top it off, dropped her ex and his name from their previously joint podcast called Give Them Lala... with Randall. Emmett only cryptically stated in his last episode (solo hosting) that he was remaining “private” about his life going forward.

Amidst their public breakup, though, the currently airing season of Vanderpump Rules has revealed some hints about their relationship’s dynamic. Randall Emmett has been making more appearances, and Lala Kent shared at one point that she offered him a get-out-of-marriage free pass, which he supposedly denied. Her co-star, Tom Sandoval, also indicated on the show that he had heard “weird” things about Emmett on social media, implying that maybe Kent shouldn’t have been too quick to judge Scheana Shay and Brock Davies’ relationship.

Scheana Shay and Brock Davies themselves appear more committed than ever. Shay has even been facilitating productive conversations between Davies and his estranged ex. They are also on the way to getting married, which may or may not be filmed for Vanderpump Rules. Nevertheless, it would seem Randall Emmett might not get an invite to that one if Lala Kent has anything to say about it.

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