Insider Reveals New Details About Kanye West And Bianca Censori’s Surprise Wedding, Including Keeping Kim Kardashian Out Of The Loop

Over the years, Kanye West has managed to shock the public on a number of occasions, though he truly took people by surprise earlier this year. West was spotted with a mystery blonde in January and, shortly after, the person was identified as Bianca Censori – his new wife. The two reportedly tied the knot at the top of the year and, in the time since, little information has been made available on the circumstances surrounding their nuptials. However, an insider has now provided some alleged details on the unexpected wedding. The report includes the rapper’s apparent efforts to keep ex-wife Kim Kardashian out of the loop as well.

It was originally rumored that Ye and his new wife tied the knot during a ceremony held in Los Angeles, but that doesn’t seem to have been the case, per The Sun. They apparently took their sacred vows at the Amangiri Resort in Utah, before they were spotted honeymooning days later. The news outlet also goes on to say that the wedding at the pricey venue was kept tightly under wraps. In fact, it was allegedly so low key that loved ones weren’t even privy to the details:

It was completely private and a surprise to the world, there is no way Kim knew. And Bianca's family found out when the rest of the world did. … They snuck off, Ye cut his phone off and they made it happen and resurfaced married.

Though the Grammy winner has participated in his fair share of public stunts, he’s also been known to conduct more personal activities on the down low. So it’s not too surprising to hear that he and his spouse opted for an intimate setting when taking the walk down the aisle. And though they were allegedly left out of the loop, Bianca Censori’s family seems pleased to have the star as part of their brood. They even asked the public that they give Ye and Bianca privacy following the ceremony. 

Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, seems to be putting distance between herself and her ex’s marital situation. An insider actually claimed that for years, Kardashian has hated Ye’s new wife – who’s a longtime employee of his Yeezy brand. Nevertheless, the SKIMS founder has not said anything publicly that would support that assumption. What she did say shortly after the wedding news broke, though, is that she’s now entering her “quiet girl” era. And that tracks, considering that just recently, Kardashian refused to talk to the paparazzi about her former husband’s reported involvement in a battery investigation.

While Kanye West may have his share of legal entanglements at the moment, The Sun’s source alleges that his marriage is off to a strong start. The unnamed person claims that West and Bianca Censori’s bond is “deeper than surface level.” The site also reports that the two did not register for a marriage license in Utah, though they both purportedly have rings and “consider themselves a married couple.” The union still seems to be a bit for fans to process, though the insider says they shouldn’t have been taken aback. As they put it, “Ye had talked about having a wife again for months” as part of his attempt to live a Christian lifestyle and right past wrongs.

Other recent reports suggest that Kanye West could be barred from visiting his in-laws in Australia due to his history of controversial remarks. He does, however, seem to be blending his new family in another way, as his kids are seemingly starting to meet Bianca Censori. It’s fair to assume that many will be watching this marriage with great interest and to see if or how Kim Kardashian formally reacts to it.

Erik Swann
Senior Content Producer

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