Is Big Brother’s Julie Chen Moonves Teasing A Surprise Season Or Just Trolling Fans?

Julie Chen Moonves on Big Brother on CBS
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It doesn't seem all that long ago that Big Brother fans were watching Taylor Hale pull off one of the greatest wins of the show's history, but we're nearly just as removed from that finale as we are from the usual start of a new season. Fans still have a wait until the premiere of new episodes in the summer... unless Julie Chen Moonves is secretly signaling a surprise season of Celebrity Big Brother. The host is vague-posting yet again on social media, so does it mean something or is she trolling? 

Speculation about a new season of Big Brother is officially underway as Julie Chen Moonves got folks talking with a picture she uploaded with little context to Twitter. Take a look at the photo, which shows Julie seated in a room that Celebrity Big Brother fans might remember: 

Julie Chen Moonves is seated in a lounge last seen in Celebrity Big Brother Season 2, but why is she posting it? For me, the most likely scenario is that this is an old photo and not one of any current Big Brother set, but then why post it? Perhaps the host is feeling nostalgic... or she's signaling the return of Celebrity Big Brother

I'm skeptical of the latter for a few reasons, the first of which is that we're nearly past the same window of time when Season 3 of Celebrity Big Brother aired. Season 3 concluded on February 23rd, 2022, and as of writing, we're under a week away from that date. The production team will need time to cast and prepare for Season 25, so adding a season of the spinoff between March and the potential start time of Season 25 in July could create a time crunch for the staff. 

Let's also not forget that Julie Chen Moonves has posted a lot of teases for Big Brother in her tenure as host, and not all of them have panned out. Let's not forget that before Season 23, she had some fans speculating the season would involve duos due to a video she uploaded. That video ultimately meant nothing, and the same might be true of the above picture. 

I personally would be very surprised to see Celebrity Big Brother return for Season 4 so soon after the many controversies that occurred during Season 3. There was lots of drama between the cast that made for an incredibly tense and awkward finale, and I can imagine other prospective celebrities would hesitate to participate after learning that. That's just speculation on my end, however, and there's no telling if Season 3 would be a detriment to any celebrity joining Season 4. 

We must always remember, as all good Big Brother houseguests do, to "Expect the unexpected." Paramount+ might be readying the release of another spinoff on its platform, or we could very well be blindsided with a new season of Celebrity Big Brother on CBS. I know I definitely want to believe either of those scenarios, but I might just stay skeptical to prevent being disappointed. 

Big Brother fans can binge previous seasons of the series with a Paramount+ subscription. Hopefully, Julie Chen Moonves' tease means that real details on Big Brother are on the way, and we'll soon get to see a fresh cast enter the house.  

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