Joe Millionaire Just Delivered A Plot Twist That Could Change Everything For Kurt Sowers

Spoiler alert! This story discusses the February 17 episode of Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer, so proceed with caution if you’re not caught up.

Steven McBee and Kurt Sowers narrowed their options down to six in the latest episode of Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer, and while McBee hasn’t given any solid indications about who he’ll end up with, Sowers pretty much had his mind made up from the beginning — until this episode, possibly. Butler Martin Andrew invited the women’s family and friends to Lakeshore Manor to meet the men and give the guys some insight into where the women came from. Then the rebooted reality show delivered a plot twist about Amanda Pace that might just change everything for Sowers.

The women welcomed their loved ones into the mansion and surprised them with the same news they’d learned on Day 1: They were dating not one but two men on the show, and only one of them was worth $10 million. That’s when Amanda Pace’s mom Debbie dropped a bomb of her own — commenting under breath that their family was sitting on their own $10 million. WHAT?! Amanda’s rich? Forget Joe Millionaire — we’ve been JANE Millionaired! 

Amanda Pace was quick to inform her family that she hadn’t revealed her wealth to anyone in the house, because — like multimillionaire Steven McBee — she wanted to find love without her money being part of the equation. The fact that Pace comes from money is particularly interesting, given that she’s close to Kurt Sowers — the “poor” Joe. Pace is likely the only woman who stands a chance with Sowers other than front-runner Carolyn Moore

For her part, Carolyn Moore invited a friend, rather than family, to the mansion to meet Kurt Sowers, and even more than Amanda Pace’s money reveal, that might have been what really set Moore back. That’s not to fault Moore if she doesn’t have family, or no one was able to travel to the show, but even Steven McBee noted how disappointed Sowers was that he didn’t get to meet any of her family. 

If Carolyn Moore had pulled Kurt Sowers aside to explain her situation, that might have helped progress their relationship, but that doesn’t appear to have happened — even off-camera — since Sowers told his friend he didn’t feel like he’d learned anything new about Moore that night.

In fact, as far as private conversations went, Carolyn Moore’s friend talked to Kurt Sowers about her child and ex-husband as if Sowers was the one avoiding the conversation. Sowers admitted that he didn’t know how their future together would work but isn’t that because Moore refuses to talk about it?

Either way, Amanda Pace made big leaps tonight, especially with the way that Kurt Sowers bonded with her family. Sowers downplayed the money angle — they’re all there to find love, right? RIGHT?! — but let’s be real. Nobody’s disappointed to find out the guy or girl they’re interested in is wealthy. 

Next week, it’s the ladies’ turn to meet the families, as the group will travel to meet Kurt Sowers’ and Steven McBee’s mothers. That’s going to be a huge test, because nobody’s as honest as a mom when it comes to her son. Will Carolyn Moore make up ground with Mrs. Sowers, or will Amanda Pace continue to shoulder her way into the top spot? 

Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer continues at 8 p.m. ET Thursday, February 24, on Fox. Check out our 2022 TV Schedule to see what other shows are premiering soon.

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