Joe Millionaire's Kurt Sowers May Be 'Completely Screwed,' But What About Steven McBee?

Spoiler alert! The following story discusses the events of the February 10 episode of Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer

As the number of women in Lakeshore Manor gets smaller, the drama only increases for Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer’s eligible bachelors, Kurt Sowers and Steven McBee, who are searching for a woman who will love them regardless of the size of their bank account. Funnily enough, it seems like the more energy Sowers pours into frontrunner Carolyn Moore, the deeper the hole he digs for himself — and he knows it! Meanwhile McBee has managed to keep his options open, and seems to be quietly forming real connections, but who is he most likely to end up with?

Steven McBee, who the show tells us is worth around $10 million, hasn’t put all of his eggs in any one basket, while meanwhile, Kurt Sowers is making omelets with Carolyn Moore. However, he can’t get her to have a serious conversation about their future — and therefore can’t get a feel on how she’ll react when she finds out he’s not the millionaire. With seven women remaining, let’s take a look at where the guys stand.  

Kurt Sowers Says He’s In Love And Completely Screwed

When Kurt Sowers got to choose who to take on the fairy tale date, Carolyn Moore was so confident, she got dressed up before butler Martin Andrew even offered her the invitation. Steven McBee is practically throwing red flags at Sowers, trying to get him to see Moore that is manipulating him, and Sowers acknowledged he knew that, even while he confessed to McBee that he is "in love” with Moore. 

I’m just completely screwed. Eventually this thing blows up in my face. So that time is coming, and it’ll be here sooner than later.

Why the drastic reaction to what should be a good thing — and the reason they all came on the show? Kurt Sowers has legitimate concerns about how their relationship would work in the real world, especially in regards to her ex-husband and child. Every time he tries to bring it up, however, Carolyn Moore dismisses him and says they’ll figure it out. The more time he spends with Moore, the more he pushes away all of the other women, and it’s realistic to think he might end up all alone when Moore finds out he’s not the millionaire.

Annie And Breanna Seem To Be Steven McBee’s Frontrunners

Steven McBee had a lovely casual date with Annie Jorgensen, where they ate Oreos and jumped in a bouncy house. Seriously, aren’t the “poor” dates always more fun? This couple had great chemistry, and I think Jorgensen pushed herself to the front of the pack, especially since she said she didn’t think McBee could be the millionaire, and that didn’t stop her from having one ounce of fun. 

Meanwhile, if Breanna Hagen could get past her insecurities, I think Steven McBee would end the show right here and now. He said Hagen has the best personality in the house, and he could easily see her fitting in with his friends and family. For some reason, despite McBee’s consistent and sincere compliments, Hagen doesn’t seem to think she’s as deserving as the other women there. 

Amber and Steven McBee each say they can feel a connection with each other, but they’re both holding back. I think it’s too late for Amber to catch up to the other women in the house, and the same for Calah Jackson. She has intrigued both of the men, but neither can “crack the Calah code,” and I think they’re ready to stop trying.

Don't Count Amanda And Whitney Out Just Yet

Things do look pretty bleak for Amanda Pace and Whitney Young, as they both seem to be leaning toward Kurt Sowers (and we know where he’s leaning). But Sowers does like both of these women, particularly Pace, since he convinced her not to self-eliminate. Young had a good date with Sowers, but it looked like Steven McBee was a little bit jealous, so maybe there’s hope for her down that path. I think these women have cause for concern, but there’s too much real attraction between them and the guys to count them out completely.

With Kurt Sowers all but taking himself off the market and falling in love with Carolyn Moore, it’s getting easier to start picking the frontrunners for Steven McBride. We’re in the home stretch now for Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer, and it’s only going to get more exciting from here. The show returns next Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox, and be sure to check out our 2022 TV schedule to see what shows are premiering soon. If you need to catch up on Joe Millionaire or just want to relive the season from the start, you can find it streaming with a Hulu subscription.

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