Jon Cryer Has An Idea To Reunite With Charlie Sheen, Which Seems Wild After All The Two And A Half Men Drama

Saying Charlie Sheen’s firing from CBS’ Two and a Half Men was eventful would be an understatement, and there was an abundance of drama following Sheen’s exit, especially between him and Jon Cryer, as well as with his replacement Ashton Kutcher. It’s been more than a decade since Cryer and the Wall Street actor shared the screen. Things appear to have cooled down since then, though, and the Supergirl vet even suggested an idea for a reunion with his former Two and a Half Men co-star.

The last time Cryer and Sheen shared the screen ended with an explosive final day, according to the Supergirl actor. He recalled their last day on set being filled with erratic behavior on Sheen’s part, stemming from the latter's personal issues at the time. But time must’ve healed old wounds, as he hopped onto Twitter to suggest the former two co-stars revisit one of their most excellent earlier outings. To see the Pretty in Pink alum’s throwback suggestion for a possible Sheen-tastic reunion, you can check out his Twitter post below.

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Cryer and Sheen doing another Hot Shots! movie together? Where’s the studio and writing team ready to get this sequel off the ground? Seriously, someone find them. Long before they starred in the CBS sitcom, the two actors co-starred together in the initial Top Gun parody, with Sheen as Lt. Sean "Topper" Harley and Cryer as the wall--eyed Lt. Jim "Wash Out" Pfaffenbach. While the latter didn’t return for the 1993 sequel Hot Shots! Part Deux, Sheen was back in action for the A+ follow-up. Doing another film may be the perfect opportunity for audiences to see Topper and Wash Out back together again, and could spark a new wave of quality spoof flicks.

As Cryer pointed out, the success of Top Gun: Maverick proved there’s a market for nostalgia done right, and that shouldn't be limited to non-parodies. Another sequel within the Hot Shots! franchise would make sense, and it could even play into the idea of legacy-quel spoofing, similar to how 2021's Scream approached its own history. And there obviously wouldn't be a better time to capitalize on Maverick’s monumental success than while that success is happening. 

Cryer’s idea seemed to signal that he and the former Anger Management actor are in a better place than they were a decade ago. After being ousted from the series, Sheen called the CBS comedy a “steaming pile of ass” when Warner Bros. sent him a cease-and-desist letter to stop using photos of himself as Charlie Harper while promoting the aforementioned FX comedy.

While the Supergirl actor and his longtime co-star essentially stopped speaking to and of one another for a spell, Sheen saved much of his vitriol for his replacement. After Kutcher stepped in for Sheen as internet billionaire Walden Schmidt for the series’ final four seasons, Sheen harassed him the entire time and was in constant attack mode when the That '70s Show vet's name came up. It even got so bad that Kutcher had to address the attacks on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Of course, Sheen ended up apologizing to him, so anything can happen. Including a new Hot Shots! movie.

If you want to see Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen as Alan and Charlie Harper once more, you can binge seasons of Two and a Half Men with a Peacock subscription. If you want to revisit the original Hot Shots!, you can stream it by subscribing to Apple TV+.

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