Kaley Cuoco Appears To Be Dating Again After Difficult Divorce, And Shared A Smoochy Pic To Back It Up

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The Flight Attendant star Kaley Cuoco (which recently debuted as part of the 2022 TV schedule) has been very open lately about how difficult the past several months have been for her after she and her husband of three years, Karl Cook, decided to divorce. Cuoco had wine with Kelly Clarkson recently to commiserate about their breakups, and the former The Big Bang Theory actress also opened up about how she got post-divorce help from bestie / co-star, Zosia Mamet. Now, though, after being honest about her difficult divorce, it looks like Cuoco is dating again, and she shared a smoochy picture to back it up.

Who Does Kaley Cuoco Appear To Be Dating Post-Divorce?

It can be very difficult to begin dating again after any breakup, and that’s especially true when you’ve divorced after sharing several years with someone you thought you’d be spending the rest of your life with. While Kaley Cuoco has admitted that the split from Karl Cook was hard on her, it also seems that the two had an amicable breakup and divorce proceedings, which may have made potentially moving on romantically with actor Tom Pelphrey a bit easier for Cuoco. Take a look at her recent Instagram post, which shows the two together in several shots, including one with a bit of smooching:

Wow. Way to bury the lede, Cuoco! If you glanced at her post and only scrolled through a couple of the shots, you would have completely missed that the post included both some instant photos Cuoco has taken with Pelphrey, and some of them together that one of them took with their phone. This includes the last pic, which shows him kissing her on the cheek and her holding on to his face and grinning delightedly as he does it. Good for them!

While neither Cuoco nor Pelphrey (who’s known for Mank, Ozark, and Outer Range) have actually come out and said, “We’re dating!” right now, if you look at her caption, it definitely seems to be the case. Her talk of “sun breaks through the clouds” and “rays of gold slipping into my eyes and heart,” combined with all the cozy pics of them goofing around and enjoying each other’s company are absolutely the kind of messages that say “we’re dating” without actually saying it.

Another indicator that this is a burgeoning romance and not just a cool friendship between Cuoco and Pelphrey? At around the same time she took to social media with this set of pictures, Pelphrey also posted on Instagram the two instant photos of them making faces into the camera, with an emotional caption that reads, in part:

Nothing can save you…And it makes you wonder when it was you lost your place. Then you catch a breeze, so warm and ripe, it makes you hope that someone will come who also cannot save you, but who will think you are worth saving.

Kaley Cuoco seemed near finalizing her divorce way back in January, and it looks like she and Tom Pelphrey have been able to spend lots of quality time together. With Cuoco revealing that work negatively impacted her relationships before, let’s hope she’s been able to find more of the balance and happiness she’s been looking for.

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