Kanye West Shares Video Of Saint Just Playing Catch With Tom Brady Like It’s Totally Normal

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Over the years, Kanye West has proven to be an interesting presence on social media. It’s hard to predict what he may be tempted to post whenever he takes to a particular virtual platform. On Instagram, for instance, he’ll occasionally post cryptic images related to upcoming projects or a photo that signifies the end of a years-long beef, like the recent one he shared that features Drake. The rapper, who’s also a proud father, also likes to share the occasional snapshot or video of one of the four children he shares with Kim Kardashian. Their son, Saint, is the most recent to be featured, as West shared a video of the little guy playing catch with Tom Brady. You know, because that’s totally normal.

It’s been difficult to keep track of the Donda creator’s activities these days, especially as he’s currently navigating a new reality that may (or may not) divorce proceedings. However, this recent Instagram clip is a reminder that he’s still been making time for his kids -- and apparently doing so in pretty spectacular fashion. Check out the kid and Super Bowl-winning quarterback down below:

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Kanye West doesn’t give much context regarding how the cool meet-up came to be, though they do seem to be in the skybox of an arena. Considering that Tom Brady plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the trio could be hanging out at the team’s stomping grounds, Raymond James Stadium. Regardless of where they are, this is a very sweet moment that’s also very surreal. The fact that Saint will one day be able to say that he tossed the pigskin around with arguably the greatest quarterback of all time is wild. But those are the kinds of things that can happen when your father is a world-renowned entertainer. 

The situation is particularly special since the young man recently experienced a significant injury. The 5-year-old previously experienced a broken arm just a few months ago. The “Heartless” performer made his son’s injury known through an Instagram post in which he shared pictures of his X-rays. The fracture looked significant and, at that point, it wasn’t clear just how long the arm had been broken. But this latest video shows that the child is already enjoying the fact that he’s healed. 

The music and fashion mogul has been spending time with his children on other occasions over the past few months, too. A few months ago, the kids, accompanied by mom Kim Kardashian, attended a few of the rapper’s Donda listening parties. The kids sported some chic outfits during the events, though it’s safe to say that most eyes were probably on Kardashian’s outfit

Like her soon-to-be-ex-spouse, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum also likes to share photos of her little ones. This past year has seen her show off their spring break vacation as well as their Easter activities, which didn’t include Kanye West. Though the time the estranged couple has spent together has fluctuated, it’s still nice to see that they’re making time for their family

One would imagine that Kanye West and Saint are going to cherish this father-son moment for years to come. And who knows, maybe his encounter with the future hall of fame quarterback will leave an impression and encourage him to pursue the sport down the line. Yes, he’s only five but, when it comes to sports (as you can see), parents do start their kids off early.

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