Kanye West Finally Shared Info About His Son’s Broken Arm In The Most Ye Way Possible

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Over the years, fans have kind of gotten used to Kanye West saying and doing as he pleases. His modus operandi frequently ricochets between being blunt to the point of chaos, as Taylor Swift knows all too well, to being very mysterious and ambiguous. Apparently, this also applies where his kids are concerned because the rapper just revealed his son's broken arm injury in the most Ye way imaginable.

This year, on his newly reinstated Instagram, Kanye West has been curating a rather curious feed of sounds and images. The frequently deleted posts have been visuals for his tenth studio album, Donda, for the most part. Currently, there are crosses, houses lit on fire and an unrecognizable Kim Kardashian as she was seen recently at the Met Gala. This weekend, though, West shared X-ray images of his 5-year-old son, Saint, after he apparently broke his arm and... huh? See the pics here:

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It's not entirely clear why Kanye West posted X-rays of his son’s broken bones. But then again, it's never entirely clear why West does anything the way he does. (Kim Kardashian posted about the injury two weeks ago via her social media but did not share what caused it.) I can only spitball but perhaps, in his mind, the visual mirrors the broken man/family themes that are littered throughout the Donda album. In “Hurricane,” West says, “Architectural Digest, but I needed home improvement / Sixty-million-dollar home, never went home to it,” and on “Off the Grid,” “I pray that my family they never resent me.”

The delayed release of the Donda album has been very Ye, as well. There was not one, not two, but three listening parties before it was officially released at the end of August. And much like the album itself, the events were chock full of strange visuals that raised a lot of questions. Namely, it was curious to see West in a full fetish mask costume and his soon to be ex-wife Kim Kardashian in a bridal gown as part of the spectacle.

Varying degrees of spectacle are, in fact, the Kanye West way. (The same is true for the Kardashian-Jenner way.) His monk’s quarters at the Mercedes-Benz stadium amidst Donda’s rollout is one end of the spectrum. While the other end is West’s recent purchase of a $58 million home that also doubles as a work of sculptural art.

Many have speculated that Kanye West’s ways have actually influenced Kim Kardashian's aesthetical choices. But that's all apparently changing with their pending divorce. Though the two are parting ways after nearly seven years of marriage and four kids together, Kardashian has been putting her best face forward for West’s endeavors and has even been moving onto some gigs of her own. She hasn't publicly commented on West's album, which supposedly revealed his cheating to the world, but sources claim she had a heads up anyway.

Just another day of Kanye West doing sometimes weird, sometimes cool shit. We also wish young Saint a speedy recovery.

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