Kanye West's Girlfriend Responds After Being Referred To As A Kim Kardashian Look-Alike

If there's one overall thing Kim Kardashian is known for (besides her infamous sex tape), it’s probably her appearance, which we’ll politely describe as very hourglass and voluptuous. She’s known to show it off now and again in thirst traps for the Gram. And lately, people are even starting to see some of her features similarly on Kanye West’s new girlfriend. The Kim K lookalike in question – not to be confused with the Kim K look-alike in that Drake video – has in fact shared thoughts on her supposedly close resemblance to the reality star.

How Ye's New Girlfriend Feels About Kim Kardashian Comparisons

First things first, her name is Chaney Jones, and she’s been linked to Kanye West since they were seen together in early February. TMZ caught up with the model/reported counselor while she was exiting an airport recently and asked if she sees what everyone else seems to see, which includes a BBL (that she’s admitted to before) and an apparently, an interest in all-leather outfits similar to Kim Kardashian's. Jones responded only by saying, “No, not really.” Denial is probably the best policy in these circumstances, but check out one of Jones’ Instagram posts here:

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m honestly seeing the similarities, and it’s a little scary. The implication being made in connection to Chaney Jones as a look-alike, though, is more so that her rapper boyfriend is still not over his ex-wife of seven years and is looking for someone similar. On that score, Jones told the outlet that that topic is not part of their relationship, saying, “We don’t speak about her.”

Girlfriends Are Talking Amidst Kanye West Online Woes

The new lady in Ye's life was also asked about her feelings on his social media comments about Kim Kardashian and others of late, particularly if she was worried about what the rapper might say or do next. Instagram itself was more than a little worried, which is why the company suspended his account for 24 hours earlier this week for violating their harassment/hate speech policies. The same concern applies to The Grammys’ decision to pull him from the list of live performances. However, the 24-year-old model maintained that she didn’t want to really speak too much on that and suggested they ask the musician directly.

Interestingly enough, Julia Fox (Kanye West's previous girlfriend) had a bit more to say herself. Fox defended West earlier this week, saying that the big declarations online aren’t threats but “creative expression,” and he’s really “harmless.” Yet, in the wake of their breakup after two months of dating, Fox had been candid that things couldn’t with West weren't "sustainable" because of his “big personality.” Perhaps Chaney Jones can, at the very least, match Ye’s personality in that regard to make their relationship have more longevity?

In the meantime, Kim Kardashian is making things official with her own new boyfriend, Pete Davidson. Her family’s next reality series is less than a month from dropping on Hulu’s subscription service, and it's already hinted to a comment regarding Kanye West.

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