Kanye West's Ex Julia Fox Defends 'Harmless' Rapper As Instagram Suspended Him Over Threats

Julia Fox and Kanye West
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The romantic relationship bubble graph of formerly married couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is certainly an interesting one. West, in particular, has been linked to a few women in the wake of their divorce, including model and actress Julia Fox of Uncut Gems fame. The two broke up in February after around two months of dating, as Ye's behavior grew increasingly erratic regarding Kim Kardashian's relationship with Pete Davidson, but Fox has lately taken to defending her “harmless” rapper ex-boyfriend amidst Instagram suspending him over threats.

As confirmed by TMZ, the subject behind the documentary Jeen-Yuhs was suspended from the social media platform for 24 hours, which should lift by the end of St. Patrick's Day. An Instagram spokesperson told the outlet that Kanye West had in fact violated their user policies related to hate speech and harassment with his recent posts, such as referring to Trevor Noah by a South African racial slur and continuously provoking Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend Pete Davidson. Reportedly, the company will consider further actions should West continue his threatning online behavior.

But apparently, Julia Fox doesn't think anyone should be as worried about Ye's posts and behavior. TMZ caught up with the actress coming out of what she called her “first workout of 2022” – in what looks like a full Matrix leather trench coat – and asked if she felt Kanye West was truly a threat to Kardashian, Davidson and others.  She responded frankly, saying,

No! No, no, no. Kanye’s harmless … I just think that’s his artistic creative expression. I know it’s aggressive but if it really came down to it, I don’t think Kanye would hurt a fly.

It’s not unusual behavior for the 32-year-old mom to take up for her ex. In the past, besides going viral for comments about being a creative “muse” to Kanye West, Julia Fox had also claimed that their relationship wasn't sustainable because of his “big personality” and “jam-packed life.” As to whether Fox thinks West is a threat to himself, she told TMZ that she is “not really sure” at the moment, but that she was going to “give him a call” to find out.

Frequent concerns over Kanye West’s mental health state have surfaced all over again in the past few months, much like how they did surrounding his failed 2020 run for the United States presidency. Some spectators online view his criticisms about Kim Kardashian’s handling of custody arrangements for their children and his ever-present feud with Pete Davidson – which now includes an intense leaked text exchange and the rapper declaring “civil war” on the comedian – as clear harassment. Others, much like Julia Fox, would argue that he’s just expressing himself as he always has.

Julia Fox has frankly denied accusations that she dated Kanye West for the notoriety that follows him on and off of social media. But now that she’s single and free herself, she has a message for the public about dating again: “My DMs are open!” As for West, stay tuned for what the rapper’s next move will be when his suspension lifts. 

In the meantime, fans can check out Jeen-Yuhs on streaming while staying up to date with everything else on Netflix’s 2022 premiere schedule.

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